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The primary focus of this position is to manage all aspects of plant operations. Including but not limited to personnel, productivity, safety compliance, production planning, maintenance, equipment operation and departmental communication. Additional focus to include financial budgeting, forecasting, vendor negotiations, plant improvements, cost reduction and administrative compliance.

Manage Production Supervisor's scope of responsibilities.
Manage production environment within budgetary parameters.
Manage product inventory within budgetary parameters.
Execute product orders within budgetary parameters.
Provide production reporting to all company executives as needed.
Maintain and assure all company associate programs are executed.
Execute and administer monthly Safety Committee meetings.
Execute weekly team production meetings.
Execute daily production supervisor staff meetings.
Manage the Maintenance department assuring scope of responsibilities are met.
Manage Maintenance Department within budgetary parameters.
Manage and assure plant is operating within OSHA, BBP and Universal Precaution guidelines and standards according to company policy.

Maintain communication channels with Service Department, Maintenance Department, Administration and Sales.
Contact daily product audits to assure quality standards are met.
Manage associates as needed within the scope of progressive disciplinary guidelines.
Manage and execute all Human Resource function as it relates to plant operations and functions.
Manage and assure housekeeping schedule is followed.
Assure preventive maintenance schedule is adhered to.
Manage departmental associates to perform scope of responsibilities in an efficient and safe manne

Required Candidate profile
College degree
Location Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Swati Deshpande

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