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Kobkiat-IT is a software housefocused on FinTech.Our agile developer teams build software for financial related companies. Our working culture is one with a "no-nonsense,technology first"style.We believe in self-steering teams without hierarchy and eager to share knowledge. Our atmosphere is casual and driven byScrum for managing complex knowledge work, with an initial emphasis on software development.With the right perspective and to inspire our team, we encourage for delivering constructive criticism to improve team performance.

If your DNA is about preventing, finding, and fixing misconducts. If you care about the big picture. If you are passionate about the outcome of the compliance program rather than one element of the process, then you will love this job. We are looking for seniorAnti Money-Laundering Compliance Officer but as a junior Compliance Officer talented, you are also more than welcome to apply.

  • Define policies and procedures regarding the company's complete AML and CTF program to identify manage and mitigate any money-laundering or terrorism-financing risk PaySociety's products may reasonably face.
  • Define a solid "Customer Identification Program" (CIP).
  • Responsible for the implementation of the above policies.
  • Identify, analyze and review the companies' AML risks on a regular basis.
  • Responsible for the training program and education of key employees and the Board of Directors.
  • Liaison between the IT department to ensure that our system is complainant to your policies and procedures.
  • Report any BSA or SAR issues to the Board of Directors.
  • Create the Annual AML activities report.
  • Liaising with the regulatory authorities regarding all AML compliance issues.
The Ideal Candidate
  • Knowledge of AML/CTF/KYC specifically for payments and financial services but especially for Money or value transfer services (MVTS) as defined by the FATF.
  • Deal with none face to face KYC standards in one or multiple countries.
  • Experience with writing policies using a Risk Base Approach as defined by the FATF.
  • Experience in using automated processes for customer onboarding, sanction list checks, transaction monitoring.
  • Basic knowledge of online banking or other online payment services.
  • Preferably experienced in working for a Fin-Tech company or online payment processor.
  • Experience dealing withregulatory authoritiesand involvement in the process of requiring financial licenses.
  • Fascination with the workings of financial criminal minds.
  • Analytical thinker.
  • Experience and hands-on mentality are more important than education.
About project
Pay Society is soon to incorporate and will launch its own proprietary Global Payment Network & Associated Services. These new payment solutions will transform the daily payments, including shopping, restaurants, hotels, petrol stations, internet payments, payments for your business, sending funds overseas, by providing transactions which are secure, faster, and at a lower cost. Following receipt of appropriate financial licenses, we anticipate a phased launch such that our Global Payment Network will enable associated services at phase 1 covering more than 27 countries, and with further phases reaching up to 70 countries.
Pay Society provides money value transfer services (MVTS)across national borders, through our network of Pay Society operational companies in 27 countries.

As a new Payment Service Provider, our KYC and AML Program is therefore of utmost importance. As being a start-up this program must be built from the ground up. We are looking for a talented colleague that can help us to achieve a "state of the art" AML KYC CTF compliance program.

We provide you with an open and informal culture, fun working conditions, a dynamic work environment within 100 meters from BTS Phra Khanong and give you the opportunity to grow the company with us.
As we are a global company, many aspects of the business can be finished from anywhere globally. Candidates are welcome from other parts of the world, your local workspace conditions will be discussed.
  • 14 days annual paid leave.
  • Five-day work week (flexibility applies).
  • No dress code, we can dress whatever you feel comfortable.
  • Enjoy life with a great International work environment with different nationalities in the team.
  • Standard perks such as free drinks in the office.
Contact us:
Ms. Alasa Hutacharoen; HR Manager
Personal mobile/ WhatsApp +66 (0) 91-996-4465
Company Telephone number +66 (0) 2-392-3473
Company mobile/ WhatsApp +66 (0) 81-355-4957



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