Department: Cosmetics (Only candidate having experience in cosmetic industry must apply)

Location: Congo (DRC-West Africa)

Job Description / Responsibilities

Preparing MIS reports, handling independently marketing activities of the group companies indulged in Manufacturing and trading of personal care cosmetics & home care products. Meeting various key persons for promotion and advertising. Coordinating with stockiest and retailers for generating sales. Organizing CMEs or programs to develop and increase market value. Helping other MRs for resolving their queries. Reporting directly to the Marketing Managers. To be updated in competitive market. Miscellaneous tasks as assigned by the Reporting Officer and / or the Management.

Experience Required

Between 5-12 Years in Cosmetic Products. For Example-Lotions, home care, toiletries for personal care & Especially in Creams.

Compensation Offered

Depends on Caliber/Experience/Smartness (Budget $800 to $1200 it can be vary) + Incentive based target offered


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