The Mehta Group is a multinational, multi-activity enterprise with a global presence spanning four continents viz. Asia, Europe, North America and Africa. The Sugar Corporation of Uganda Limited is part of The Mehta Group & plays a key role in the development of the Ugandan economy. It is one of the leading quality producers of Sugar, which is an essential commodity. The corporation gainfully employs more than 7300 people directly and is amongst the largest employers in East Africa. The Company's complex at Lugazi, spread across nearly 12,000 hectares, is one of the "showpiece" projects of East Africa. A totally integrated unit that grows sugarcane, manufactures white sugar, and converts the molasses byproduct into Extra neutral alcohol. The corporation owns and operates the distillery, CO2 and Power plant in Uganda. The Companys employee welfare measures are exemplary. A large, well-planned and constructed township provides its employees with not just housing, but power, drinking water, a hospital, schools and a dairy. Regular in-house training programs are conducted to upgrade skills and selected employees are sent for higher training to leading institutions in Uganda, as well as overseas. The company believes that it is involved in a "mission" in Uganda to help accelerate the nation's economic development. And towards this end, it is now involved in a variety of new efforts. One, of course, is the ongoing process of improving the productivity of the Lugazi sugar plant. But, beyond this, the company is involved in a variety of diversification moves. Of these, the most innovative and successful has been the floriculture project. The company grows five hectares of roses under scientific greenhouse conditions. It also grows jasmines and tuberoses for the European and West Asian markets. Other corporate diversification moves are in the areas of horticulture - producing vanilla and essential oils for exports - as well as particle board manufacture, potable alcohol manufacture, seed farming, agribusiness and co-generation of power. Through all these efforts, the

company seeks to help the country by earning vital foreign exchange, and meeting the growing demand at home

Dy. Manager- Boiler

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Responsible for handling normal plant operations including start-ups, shut-downs of high-pressure Boiler (150 TPH, 87 bars.)

2. Watch the equipment to ensure its run under safe working conditions

3. Conveyor erection, Operation and maintenance.

4. Maintain proper chemical conditions and concentrations.

5. Watch the Mechanical behaviors of all moving equipment's Noise, Vibrations, bearing lubrications, Cooling, Control valves and Dampers.

6. Responsible for trouble-shooting under emergency plant operations.

Desired Candidate Profile

B.E. (Mechanical)/ D.M.E

B.E. - 8 Years in high pressure Boiler (150 TPH, 87 bar. ) D.M.E.- 15 years

Asst. / Deputy Manager (Instrumentation)

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Should have good knowledge of Handling of smart Field instruments like DP transmitters, Level transmitter, flow meters, Pressure transmitters, Mag flow meters

2. Should have good knowledge about interpretation P&ID, PFD etc.

3. Familiar to Yokogawa Centum VP DCS.

4. Proficiency in handling all type of Motorized valve, Control Valve, Smart positioners of all makes

5. Proficiency in handling lab Equipment like pH meter, Conductivity meter, Bomb calorimeter etc.,

6. Maintenance of SWAS, CEMS system including calibration

7. Should have sound knowledge of Control logic and control philosophy of Boiler, Turbine and WTP etc.

Desired Candidate Profile

10 to 15 years in Bagasse based 30 MW Co-Generation Plant

Asst. Manager - Electrical

Roles and Responsibilities

1) Operation & maintenance of following

a. 33 KV, 66 KV, 110 KV switch yards, transformer up to 40 MVA

b. Alternator Up to 30 MW, HT & LT breakers

c. AC Motors up to 1500 HP , DC Motors up to 1000 HP both HT and LT

d. AC VFD Drives of Siemens, KEC,ABB and Danfos drives

e. Centrifugal DC & AC drives with PLC.

f. Commissioning of PCC, MCC & Motors with cabling.

g. Protection relays configuration

h. AVR commissioning and maintenance

i. 33 KV Overhead line maintenance and commissioning.

2) Maintaining & trouble shooting of all types of electrical faults


B.E. (Electrical) / Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Min. Experience.

Degree 7 years, Diploma. 10-12 Years

Max. Experience.

Degree- 12 Years , Diploma 15 years

Manager - Water Treatment Plant

1) Water management including Chemical limits for 87 bar , 525 Deg. Centigrade Boilers

2) Water Utility and Distribution Management Extensive Knowledge of water utility and operations as well as the principles, practices and methods utilized in the treatment and distribution of water in Co-generation plant.

3) Laboratory Analysis Knowledge of chemical and bacteriological principles, terminology, analytical techniques and methods, and equipment pertaining to the analysis of water. Knowledge of the processes and treatment stages involved in RO and DM plant.

4) Supervision Knowledge of leadership techniques, principles and procedures to assign work, schedule, supervise, train, and evaluate the work of assigned staff.

5) Maintaining & trouble shooting of all Water Treatment Plant.

Desired Candidate Profile

Bachelors / Master Degree on Inorganic Chemistry / Science

15 years experience in water management for 87 bar , 525 Deg. Centigrade Boiler

Turbine Engineer

1. Working as a Steam Turbine Control Room Desk Operator/Engineer in 30 TO 100 MW power plant preferably Shin Nippon Turbine

2. Understand existing control system for steam turbines (Co-Generation Thermal Power Plant) 3. To Monitor all the activities and performance of the Condensing cum extraction type Turbine 4. Operation, preventive & predictive maintenance of Turbine, all auxiliaries & cooling tower

5. Responsible for smooth startup and shutdown of Turbine

6. Familiar with Cold, warm & Hot Start up procedures

7. Handle the emergencies like black out, Load throw-off and islanding conditions. 8. Familiar with standard operational procedures (SOP) of Steam Turbine

Desired Candidate Profile

Diploma Mechanical Engineering

10 to 15 years in operation & maintenance of 30 TO 100 MW steam turbine

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