There is an urgent requirement for a Radiation Protection Technician in a company located at Abu Dhabi.

Interested candidates can contact immediately or can forward their profiles to the below id.

Salary: Best in the industry.

Job Location: Abu Dhabi.

Experience and Qualifications:

Associates degree or equivalent in Radiation Protection, Health Physics or related field and Two (2) years or more related work experience in Radiation Protection, Health Physics, Radioactive Waste Management or equivalent in a Nuclear Power Plant (OR) High School Diploma and Four (4) year or more related work experience in Radiation Protection, Health Physics, Radioactive Waste management or equivalent in a Nuclear Power plant.

IELTS: R5.5 / S 5 / L 5

Technician Job Description:

This position is a qualified, experienced health physics technician who provides radiological protection services to protect the health and safety of the general public and employees from the hazards of radiation through surveys, analyses, sampling and compliance with regulations, standards and procedures. Technician may work independently and performs radiological surveys to assess hazards, routine surveillances and inspections in accordance with our Client procedures. This position may maintain radiation exposure records and handle various types of radiation monitoring equipment. Results of surveys and data are analyzed to determine the extent of radiological hazards to personnel and appropriate protective measures are prescribed. Technician has authorization to stop work when unsafe radiological or safety conditions arise. Other duties related to the departments assigned responsibilities may be required to be performed as assigned by supervisor. Supervisor provides general guidance and makes work assignments.


-Provides job coverage for radiological concerns during routine and special plant maintenance activities.

-Performs routine and random radiation surveys (including personnel exposure, area, and equipment contamination, air samples) to assess radiological conditions.

-Prepares, analyzes, surveys, package and shipping of radioactive materials.

-Designates and operates temporary RCAs as needed

-Monitors high radiation areas, locked high radiation area, contaminated areas and airborne contamination areas

Contact Person: Lokesh Kumar

Contact No: 7305068437

E-Mail ID:

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