Sheraton Grand Conakry offers 5-star accommodations in Conakry and features an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center and a bar. Offering a restaurant, the property is located within 8.1 mi of Fishing Port (Boats to islands). The rooms are fitted with a balcony with views of the sea.

Hotel is having more than 300 room and 4 multi cuisine restaurant

According to Plan It Plus, the main CCTV operator duties involve maintaining the control center equipment. A monitoring system is only as good as its equipment, so one of the first things that a surveillance operator does when starting a work day is an equipment check.

This includes verifying that all external cameras are set up and broadcasting, and that all the video storage facilities be they videotape decks or computer servers are online and functioning. The operator must check to see that fresh videotapes are inserted into analog recording machines and that digital drive capture systems have enough free space available for the next 24 hours.

Secondary Surveillance Operator Job Duties

During the course of a work day, the video surveillance operator keeps a written log of any suspicious activities captured by the surveillance equipment. Many criminals, for example, will try and destroy any video equipment they observe before attempting their crimes so they won't be captured on video.

When incidents occur, the video monitor works with local law enforcement in providing logs, video tapes or digital video files of any suspicious or criminal activity. Occasionally, the surveillance operator may be called into court to testify about any activities they observed on the system or the operational details of the recording system.

Required Skills for Video Surveillance

A good video surveillance operator will have a sharp technical mind and be capable of working with all different models of video equipment. As more and more surveillance machines move into the digital age, strong computer skills will increasingly play an important role. Surveillance operators should also have a keen eye for detail and a good memory for keeping notes during the course of a shift. Often times, surveillance operators work by themselves and at odd hours, notes the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Desired Candidate Profile

Minimum of 5 Years experience in CCTV surveillance & security. Good command over spoken English

Perks and Benefits

Free food and accommodation. Company will pay for visa and flight tickets

Himanshu Nandecha

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