Key Responsibilities

Manage and operate end-to-end operations of farm activities which includes greenhouse, grass, vegetables, corps, fruits and livestock

Ensure the planting, irrigation, fertilizing, application and harvesting are done with the most scientific and cost-effective way

Ensure sufficient quantity (Organic & Non-organic) is produced for the family use and remaining items are supplied in the open market

Manage costs and ensure yearly business targets are achieved and promote farm activity as a separate business

Manage and supervise workers, farmers, and vendors

Prepare and manage yearly schedule, budgeting, planning and targets

Develop and implement best practices and establish SOPs/procedures

Manage Livestock feeding, health and breeding programs (dairy, beef, poultry etc.)

Identify the buyer, prepare the product for the market (washing, packaging, supply and storing) and sell the remaining quantify in best competitive rates

Maintain quality control and production records

Identify, buy and maintain records of materials, products required for the smooth farm operation

Supervisor and manage the farm assets, machinery, stock and property as a whole

5+ years experience

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