Vacancy for Operations & Maintenance Manager....

Location: Nigeria.

For a reputed LNG plant in Nigeria....

Exp: 10+ years

LNG, natural gas processing and gas liquefaction, technical and leadership experience with a work history that demonstrates a pattern of accomplishments and advancement ....

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Responsible for a functional O&M department capable of supporting an efficient LNG production on a 24-hour continuous basis.

2. Ensure that all plant personnel and plant objectives are in line with the company's requirements. Set KPIs for all O&M positions and activities that promote these goals.

3. Direct the sourcing, screening and hiring of new or replacement personnel.

4. Coach, train, assess and develop opportunities for all positions within the plants departments

5. Create a work environment that promotes effective goal accomplishment, productivity and morale and that maximizes retention of the personnel.

6. Ensure through training and qualification programs that plant procedures are understood and followed properly by all plant personnel.

7. Establish relationships and communicate effectively with site staff, management, vendors, outside agencies, unions and local community.

8. Develop, implement and continuously improve long-term processes and procedures in all operations, including spare parts management and CMMS.

9. Take ownership of the manuals and ensure available resources to support safe O&M activities.

10. Coordinate internally on meeting regulatory requirements, any statutory requirements and other goals and objectives set by senior leadership that will be needed to operate the facility in a safe and efficient manner .

Perks and Benefits



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