1923: Started operations in wholesale trading of textiles.

1947: Incorporated as a limited company-K.Chellaram & Sons(Nigeria) Limited.

1978: Became a Public Limited Company.

1978 - 79: Got listed at athe Nigerian Stock Exchange.

1990: Name changed to Chellarams Plc.

90s -00s: Successful foray into the field of brand promotion.

SUCESS STORY-Money was not a goal by itself; Shri Kishinchand Chellaram (The Founder) believed that the value was in the journey. He believed that work is worship, an offering to God.
Kishinchand held a personal credo that any results derived from work were blessings from the heavens. In response to comments often made about his good fortune, he would say: "The harder I work, the luckier I become."
This reflected his views on the links between destiny and free will; in essence, he believed that good deeds would be rewarded through some higher power.
Kishinchand "felt he was destined to work and work and work, and not waste any day except when he was required to do so for maintaining good health to be able to work more efficiently

We are looking for a skilled, experienced and qualified candidate as a Logistics Coordinator to work in the Logistics Department of our company.

As a Logistics Coordinator, your duties and responsibilities include

  • analyze, create and manage logistics plans
  • provide efficient transportation
  • organize and manage storage and shipment solutions

You will be responsible for evaluating each step of the orders and shipment process. You should also maximize customer satisfaction at minimum cost. You should possess outstanding negotiation and communication skills to perform this role efficiently and effectively.

If you are an experienced Logistics Coordinator and consider yourself a match for this post, then do apply. We will be happy to hear from you.


  • Examine the supply chain process accurately.
  • Register and maintain shipment data like space availability, charges, damages, and weight.
  • Maintain cordial relationships with vendors, retailers, and customers.
  • Resolve problems associated with transportation, import and export, customer problems, and logistics systems.
  • Negotiate charges with suppliers and customers.
  • Prepare and maintain supplies for shipping.
  • Monitor the package and labels of products accurately.
  • Coordinate with the logistics department for shipment of materials.
  • Supervise the orders and make adjustments to keep the stock levels sufficient.
  • Identify shipping methods and routes for products to be shipped.
  • Develop and implement policies, safety procedures, and risk management plans.
  • Prepare and present reports to the logistics department and higher management. Work on documentation and ensure that documentation is done on time
  • Ensure the orders are in compliance with regulations, policies, laws, and ISO requirements

Email: kailash.k@chellaramsplc.com

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