Baidyanath Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is part of the group Company of Navodaya based in Dubai. The Group Companies have been involved in Mining, Forestry and Pharmaceuticals since last 15 years. The group operates two mining projects of Manganese in Ivory Coast and sells its Manganese ore all over the world. Please refer to our Website: to know about our mining activities

1. Should be able to understand and work as per Civil drawing Auto CAD drawing, Construction drawing and Structural drawing .

2. Should be able to deploy and supervise Manpower for bar cutting, bar bending, Design Mix preparation and ensure task is completed as per Pert chart schedule. Should be able to control a team of 40- 50 persons including team of Masonry, carpenters, fitter.

3. Must have knowledge of Project planning and scheduling.
4. Must be able to maintain Finish Floor levels and prepare footing and bolting process.
5. Should be willing to work in shifts round the clock.
6. Must ensure international safety standards.
7. Must have working knowledge of Leica, Total station, Auto levels
8. Preferably must have worked in Industrial projects, preferably in remote locations.
9. Candidate with a flair to learn language (French) would be preferred

5+ years experience

Ruchi Sharma,

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