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Electrical Shift Incharge

1. Should have handle HT/LT Systems, VCBs and ACBs.
2. Should have knowledge on Operation & Maintenance of Air cooled and Oil
cooled Transformers.

3. Should have knowledge on Operations of DGs/Transformers Synchronizing and
their Conditions.
4. Must have hands on experience on Motor and their starters (DOL, Star-Delta
& VFD) including power and control wiring and their interlocks .
5. Maintaining Power factor by using Capacitors Bank.
6. Knowledge about Operations and maintenance of UPS.
7. Electrical Safety, Fire hydrants systems & Fire Extinguishers.
8. Should have knowledge on Preventive maintenance of all electrical
equipment , Earthing & Plant Lighting .
9. Must have experience on PLC & SCADA. Should able to analyses online fault
10. Well versed knowledge on instruments like Flowmeter , pressure switch ,
level transmitter etc..
11. knowledge of PLC programing will have an addition advantage.

Responsibilities and Duties :

1. Capability of handling Electrical operations & Maintenance.
2. Daily monitoring and logging the report on electrical systems
3. Operation and Maintenance of all electrical systems .
4. Scheduling of Preventive maintenance of all electrical equipment .
5. Checking condition of all Electro-mechanical equipment including standby
6. Effective Team Management Skills.
7. Escalate any equipment related issues to concern personnel.
8. Planning and Execution of project (proposed and existing) regarding
electrical equipment

5+ years experience

Ruchi Sharma,

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