Baidyanath Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is part of the group Company of Navodaya based in Dubai. The Group Companies have been involved in Mining, Forestry and Pharmaceuticals since last 15 years. The group operates two mining projects of Manganese in Ivory Coast and sells its Manganese ore all over the world. Please refer to our Website: to know about our mining activities

1. Follow the instructions and safety rules at work.
2. Making local purchase order(LPO).
3. Receive incoming goods under identification regarding material specification/ Part no. / inspection status etc.
4. Issue of materials to related department.
5. Maintenance of stock records, stores accounting etc.
6. After acceptance of materials issuing goods receipt notes (GRN).
7. Should posses knowledge in material management control system FIFO / FEFO inventory procedures.
8. Co-ordinate activities related quality system.
9. Warehouse auditing establishment of record, min & max stock, critical limit.
10. Filling of Material Requisition Slip with cost.
11. To issue the materials on authorized requisitions and ensure that the issue takes place promptly without undue delays.
12. Keeping adequate stock balance.
13. Maintaining physical and computer inventory weekly and monthly.
14. Maintaining all relevant files of store according to standard filing system.
15. Monitoring all vehicles activities, fuel issued & making journey plan as required

5+ years experience

Ruchi Sharma,

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