Procurement Specialist

B.E / B. Tech Engineers with proven trade record of strategic sourcing & purchasing of raw materials such as steel, electrical parts, factory machineries & components.

Material buying including selection, quoting, negotiation, etc.

Choosing best prices, specializing in delivery dates to determine the best supplier.

Knowledge of import rules & regulations, international documentation, L.C, etc.

Should have excellent interpersonal & communication skill.

Gulf experience compulsory

6+ years experience

Store Keeper

  • Experience in Manufacturing Industry (Iron & Steel, Solar Energy, Transmission & Telecom Towers)
  • Keep a record of sales and restock the store accordingly.
  • Manage and train store staff.
  • Plan promotional campaigns for new products or specials.
  • Ensure that the store is kept clean and organized.
  • Mediate any confrontations between staff and clients, and de-escalate the situation.
  • Gulf Experience Preferred.
4+ years experience

Dog Trainer

  • Consulting with clients to discuss behavioral concerns and training needs.
  • Identifying additional behavioral concerns and communicating them to clients.
  • Developing suitable training plans for dogs and documenting their progress.
  • Teaching dogs to obey basic commands using various training techniques that are best suited to each dogs personality and attributes.
  • Implementing appropriate training programs to address and resolve problem areas, including aggression, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, and biting.
  • Ensuring that the training areas are clean and tidy.
  • Teaching clients appropriate training methods to enforce and maintain behaviors and skills learned by their dogs during training sessions.
  • Contacting clients to schedule training appointments, verify bookings, and inquire into overdue payments.
  • Sound knowledge of dog training techniques as well as animal behavior and body language.
  • Proven experience working as a dog trainer.
  • Excellent problem-solving, organizational, and time management skills.
  • Strong dog handling skills.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • A love for dogs.
  • Patient and enthusiastic.
5+ years experience

System Administrator

Scope of work:

  • Configuring and maintaining network computer system
  • Administer computer hardware, systems software, applications software, and all configurations
  • Troubleshoot and resolve hardware, software, or other network and system problems
  • Replace and upgrade defective or outdated components when necessary
  • Perform data backups and disaster recovery operations
  • Set up accounts and workstations
  • Sustain network integrity, server deployment, and security
  • Maintain internal documentation
  • Monitor the performance of computer systems and networks regularly
  • Provide technical support when requested


  • Proven experience as a System Administrator, Network Administrator or similar role
  • Experience with databases, networks (LAN, WAN) and local server
  • Strong knowledge of systems and networking software, hardware, and networking protocols
  • Resourcefulness and problem-solving aptitude
6+ years experience


Chartered Accountant / Post Graduate / Graduate with proven trade record in Finance & Banking.

Should be experience in handling finance, internal audits, transactions, etc related to chairman of huge business groups.

Should have excellent interpersonal skills.

Gulf experience preferred.

7+ years experience

Mechanic - Roll Forming Machine

  • Sets up machine to form longitudinal bends, beads, rolls, or embossed designs into sheet metal strips by drawing strips through one or more sets of roller dies to fabricate such items as molding trim, or weatherstrip: Bolts specified dies onto spindles.
  • Positions spindles to align male and female dies and adjust dies and drive rolls to thickness of metal strip.
  • May turn knobs or install gears to set speed of machine and synchronize action of cutting die or shear blade with action of machine to cut stack to specified length.
  • Directs flow of coolant onto workpiece or fills oilcups.
4+ years experience

Mechanic - Forklift

Perform routine, emergency and preventative maintenance of forklifts

Interpret manufacturer's technical manuals to perform the necessary maintenance and repairs needed.

Troubleshoot forklift problems to include brake, electrical and hydraulic systems, detect imperfections, potential problems, safety issues and/or malfunctions.

Able to diagnose and repair mast and attachment components.

Good working knowledge of brake systems and tire/wheel changes.

Ability to work on LP, gas and diesel systems.

Replace broken or defective parts from stock parts and/or order replacement parts for major repairs.

Reassemble forklifts and make all necessary adjustments for effective and safe operation

Perform safety inspection of forklifts prior to being released back to the work floor.

Cleaning of equipment and other areas as required.

Ensure work area and methods used in carrying out job duties meet safety requirements.

Maintain an organized and neat work area.

Competent to complete legible service documents and logs for preventative maintenance tasks.

4+ years experience

QC Inspector

  • Experience in Manufacturing Industry (Iron & Steel Industry, Solar Energy, Transmission & Telecom Towers)
  • Perform regular quality assessments on all incoming materials from vendors and outgoing products for shipping.
  • Reject all products and materials that fail to meet quality expectations.
  • Read blueprints, plans, and specifications to understand the requirements of products and services.
  • Measure product dimensions, examine functionality, and compare the final product to the specifications.
  • Recommend improvements to the production process to ensure quality control.
  • Document inspection outcomes by completing detailed reports and performance records.
  • Teach the production team about quality control concerns to improve product excellence.
  • Supervise the production process.
  • Resolve quality-related issues in a timely manner.
  • Knowledge of Fabrication.
  • Gulf experience preferred.
4+ years experience

Lathe Milling Machine Operator

  • Experience in Machining, Lathe & Milling.
  • Carry out production, inspection, packaging and machine operation duties
  • Set up machinery and ensure all materials are readily available
  • Effectively monitor production equipment
  • Assist the shop technicians and materials clerk as necessary
  • Perform appropriate duties as assigned by management
  • Maintain a safe and clean work space
  • Follow established safety rules and regulations
  • Gulf experience preferred
6+ years experience

Production Planning Control Engineer

  • Experience in Manufacturing industry (Iron & Steel Industry, Solar Energy, Transmission Towers.)
  • Responsible for fixing the amount of work to do & Arrange the different manufacturing operations in order of priority.
  • Responsible for starting & completing, date & time for each operation.
  • Responsible for facility location, facility layout, materials-requirement planning (MRP), and inventory control.
  • Responsible for Process Manufacturing Method & monitor production.
  • Responsible for establish routes and schedules for the work that will ensure the optimum utilization of materials, workers, and machines and to provide the means for ensuring the operation of the plant in accordance with the plans
  • Adjust the Plan to Make Production More Efficient in the Future.
  • Responsible for Estimation / Forecast Product Demand & Access Inventory
  • Gulf experience preferred.
4+ years experience

Production Engineer

  • Experience in Manufacturing Company. (Iron & Steel, Transmission & Telecom Towers, Solar Energy)
  • Prepare plans with detailed drawings that include project specifications and cost estimates
  • Design and execute engineering experiments to create workable solutions
  • Develop engineering calculations, diagrams and technical reports
  • Complete required technical and regulatory documents
  • Ensure projects are completed on-time and within the specified budget
  • Present analysis results and project solutions to technical leads, senior leaders and clients as necessary
4+ years experience

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