"Reliance Foundries Pty Ltd” has retained us for “Assistant Manager - Steel Melting Induction Furnace” position to conduct short listing service.

We are operating
1. Steel Re- Rolling Mills
2. Iron Foundries
3. Steel Forging Industries.
4. Steel Window Manufacturing & fabrications
5. In house Oxygen Producing Plant with Cylinders.


• Induction Furnace 5 ton
• Induction Furnace 1 ton
• Oil Fired Billet Reheating Furnaces.
• Coke Fired Cupola Furnace
• Reheating oil-fired furnaces in forging section.

Steel Re- Rolling Mills, 8 inch, 10 Inch and 12 Inch Cross Country type manually operated. Manufacturing Round Bars, Square bars, Flat Bars, Angle Irons, Fencing Sections and Window sections.
Forging power presses for agriculture market
Fabrication workshop
Sand Moulding section for cast iron manhole covers.
Scrap Cutting and Shearing machines including bailing presses. (Scrap Processing)
Steel Billet Caster
Other Overhead gantries 5-6 numbers
And all material handling machines including excavator, forklifts, telehandlers, etc.

OTHER WORKSHOP MACHINARY in Three supporting Workshops
Lathe machines for various uses including Roll pass designs for Mills.
Shaper machines
Drill machines
All cutting and Welding machines
All fabrication machines
Pattern and Die making

Name of Company : Reliance Foundries Pty Ltd

Work Location : Botswana

Position : Assistant Manager – Steel Melting Induction Furnace

Experience : Minimum 6 Years

• The candidate must have metallurgical background.
• Relevant Qualifications will be preferred. He must have a practical on the Job experience of Steel Melting 5 ton induction Furnace ,
• For a minimum period of 6 years.
• He must have in depth knowledge of steel melting, various qualities and grades of steel Selection of right quality of scrap metal, knowledge of chemical composition of various grades of steel to be manufactured, crucible lining and maintenance.
• He should be creative and innovative attitude ,
• dedicated and ready to face challenges, to attain maximum production
• As per specified by manufacturers of Furnace and crucible.

    Recruiter:Sunil Dabla
    Email Id:Sunil.d@naukri.com

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