• Nav Server installation, Configuration, Backup & Restoration Head Office Level Including Windows Server, SQL Server etc.
• Nav Server installation, Configuration, Backup & Restoration with LS Retail in Store Level.
• Creating Company and Configure as per the need.
• DD Installation and configuration.
• Making Lite Reports using single table.
• Troubleshooting, Debugging,
• Data export & import using XML port, Configuration Packages.
• Provide functional & Technical support in Nav 2017 and Ls Retail in head office ,Warehouse and at Stores.
• Provide Support in Sales & Marketing, Purchasing, Accounts & Warehouse Modules.
• Configure & Manage Workflow in Nav.
• Configure all types of replication job and configure Scheduler.
• Responsible Data Replication from HO to Store and Store to HO.
• Different types of offer configuration and replicate to store in different companies.
• Different types of coupons & Vouchers configuration with conditions
• Manage User wise securities and permission Sets within NAV.
• Troubleshoot and coordinate with consultants/Developers as needed to resolve issues
• Ensure the timely and effective delivery of planned solutions into ongoing daily activities.


• SQL Server Installation & Configuration
• Getting Data using SQL Query
• Managing Backup of SQL Server database of all stores and head office.

5+ years experience

Email: careers@connecting2work.com, anandhakrishnan.r@connecting2work.com

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