Micron is a leading brand for plastic/metal grommets, eyelets and fastener attaching machines since 1995.

Having a long standing reputation for manufacturing quality fastening products and dedication to superior customer service, Micron is proud to be able to provide to our valued customers for over 25 years. Our manufacturing plant located in Izmir, Turkey continues to serve major regions, globally including our main distributing plant in Paterson, New Jersey. Together, we are committed to providing superior customer service, quality products and unbeatable pricing along with dedication for achieving short-lead times and same day shipping in most cases for our valued customers.

Thanks to our well trained quality control and production team, Micron takes pride in having a reputation for consistent production and quality supply chain of leading grommets, fastener products and fastener attaching machines. We are proud to carry a brand name that has become a reputable brand in our industry and are proud to say Quality is our Priority. We are committed to serving the global industry, worldwide, with our fastener products to the digital printing and sign industries, textile, maritime industries, drapery manufacturers, aerospace and more.

Roles and Responsibilities

-Can operate CNC Vertical Processing

-Can operate CNC Lathe

-Knowledge of CNC programming

-Can write CNC codes and programms

Desired Candidate Profile

Eager to work at another country.

Fluent English is a must.

30-45 years pref.

Familiar to working with shifts.

Perks and Benefits

- Great Job opportunity in Turkey

- Housing, Lunch and transportation will be covered

2+ years experience

Email: satis@cebmetal.com

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