Lead Worker - 120 Nos.

Experience Minimum 5 Years experience in Gulf as Lead Worker (Permit receiver) in Refineries, Fertilizer, Petrochemicals, Turn-around Maintenance & Shutdown works.

Minimum Requirements

Qualified Lead Worker: Worker who shall be receiving the permit to work (PTW) must meet the following criteria:

  • Pass the English Assessment Test prior to training
  • Completes the Lead Worker Training
  • Has some Technical Background in his craft/trade
  • Has minimum two years of experience in oil & gas industry
  • Pass the safety Interview with Safety Specialist

Lead worker whose tasks involve working on systems under LT&T and/or Line Opening

  • PTW Including Fire & Hole Watch
  • LT&T
  • Line Opening
  • Fire Extinguisher (practical)
  • Confined Space
  • RPP
  • Contractor Orientation Program
  • Interview in English with a Safety Representative
  • Duration of training shall be four days

Email: globalpebs@gmail.com, we@pebs.co.in

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