• Installs, modifies, and makes minor repairs to computer hardware and software systems.
  • Resolves tickets representing staff-generated technical requests or problems and troubleshoots technical and process issues to maintain productivity.
  • Maintains system functionality by testing computer components.
  • Helps design and implement networks.
  • Consults with users to determine appropriate hardware and software needs and assists in placing orders.
  • Maximizes computer systems capabilities by studying technical applications and making recommendations.
  • Tests compatibility of new programs with existing ones.
  • Gathers data to identify and evaluate technical purchasing options.
  • Installs software and necessary applications for workflow.
  • Carries out software, network, and database performance tuning.
  • The ability to communicate technical information in an accessible manner to non-technical employees.
  • Basic knowledge of networking principles and operating systems.
  • Knowledge of script languages such as Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, etc.

2+ years experience

Satheesh Sasidharan
careers@leuwint.tech, resmi@leuwint.tech

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