Scope of work:

1. Oversee and manage all the works of the Child Development Center (CDC)

2. Guide and advise the staff to ensure a smooth running of the center

3. Participate in meetings, committees, and other related groups to communicate information regarding services, programs, areas of opportunity, and other pertinent information as appropriate and act as representative of CDC.

4. Participate in the development and administration of CDC, preparing the budget, annual report, action plan, and carrying out performance appraisal of staff working in CDC

5. Provide strategic advice to the CEO on how to strengthen the operations of the Center

6. Review the structure of CDC and bring changes if necessary

7. Create and foster a continuous learning environment that challenges and engages the workforce

8. Apart from these, handling emergency situations and actively participating in the works carried out by the staff.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Bachelors Degree in a relevant field with 4 years of experience


  • Masters Degree in a relevant field with 2 years of experience


  • Negotiable based on qualifications and experience.

Application Process:

  • Send the job application along with the mentioned documents to

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