Our client is one of the leading PSF manufactures from Indonesia

Looking for Mechanical Maintenance engineers for Indonesia.


Must : Plant Mechanical Maintenance for the entire Polymerisation and Staple fiber plants,

Must : Minimum 15 years of experience as Manager or Sr Manager expericnce

Salary :: $ 3000 per month+ family accomodation++

Job Description Senior Manager - Maintenance

This is a senior management position, and reports to the Head of Engineering & Maintenance

Key Requirements:

  • B.E./ B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering, with at least 15 - 20 years of experience in process industries.
  • Experience in Polyester Polymerisation and Polyester Staple Fiber plants is desirable
  • Last 3 years should be at the department head level of maintenance.
  • Exposure to maintenance of power plants is an added advantage
  • Preferred age - early 40s

Job Scope:

  • Overall responsibility for the Plant Mechanical Maintenance for the entire Polymerisation and Staple fiber plants, to ensure smooth operation at optimum cost without compromising safety and quality.
  • To manage, improve, and execute maintenance, inspection, shut-down/ turn-around activities and projects for the entire plant.
  • To consolidate enhanced maintenance and reliability strategy and engineering systems.
  • To continuously improve and ensure workflow efficiency in maintenance and inspection.

Job Description:

1. Complete operations of the Mechanical Maintenance of the entire plant in line with the Business Plan and Strategic Plan.

  • Prepare department/ plant wise maintenance budgets in line with Business Plan. Implement, monitor and control these budgets.
  • Monitor spares and consumable inventory and ensure optimized inventory levels, while maintaining control on cost
  • Plan and execute day-to-day maintenance jobs for all assets in close coordination with Manufacturing
  • Strive and plan for continuous improvement of performance and availability of assets
  • Plan and coordinate major plant shutdown and annual turnarounds
  • Lead and coordinate investigations of machinery break-down and participate in identification and implementation of corrective actions
  • Coordinate planning and execution of major projects and process modifications and ensure adequate technical documentation
  • Ensure application of best maintenance practices across plants and departments, and continuously improve maintenance standards
  • Conduct audits and ensure implementation of corrective actions
  • Analyse technical proposals and concept reports and conduct feasibility studies.
  • Lead and coordinate development of new vendors for critical spare pats
  • Continuously assess new technologies through technology benchmarking
  • Lead and coordinate energy conservation activities across departments and plants
  • Ensure appropriate maintenance of site infrastructure while maintaining control on cost.

3. Assist Head of Engineering by providing inputs and participating in developing a Business Plan and Strategic Plan for the area of Engineering and Maintenance in line with the overall Business Strategy of the SBU

4. Ensure effective implementation of the Business Plan and Strategic Plan and timely execution of projects

5. Prepare and provide all reports relevant to Maintenance. Provide clear and factual information always.

6. Supervise and manage personnel of Maintenance and provide adequate guidance to all personnel.

7. Provide required training to local staff to fulfill operational and managerial requirements.

8. Provide inputs and participate in developing a transparent performance evaluation system based on KRA’s and ensure effective implementation of the system.

9. Ensure effective cooperation/ coordination with other departments, namely Manufacturing as well as central functions - Central Technical and Commercial Departments.

10. In cooperation with Purchase department, improve the maintenance budget monitoring and control process. Ensure effective participation of Maintenance in the PR approval process.

11. In cooperation with Purchase department and IT, ensure effective usage and implementation of ERP systems. Continuously improve and adapt the systems to changing requirements

12. In cooperation with Manufacturing, ensure effective integration and participation of the Maintenance department in major projects as well as in day-to-day process improvement activities to maximise utilisation of available resources across departments.

13. Continuously improve HSE standards and develop jointly with HSE Department, a “Zero Event” Strategy. Ensure effective implementation of the strategy.

Skills/ Competencies:

Apart from the functional knowledge that is required to perform the above key job areas, following skills/ competencies are required for this job position.

  • Process & Safety Management – Ability to simplify complex processes, see opportunities for process synergy and integration, seek to reduce variances in organization processes, leverage technology to positively impact efficiency and quality, get more out of fewer resources and ensure a work environment where nothing is more important than personal and process safety.
  • Achievement Orientation – A clear focus on achieving excellence and improving performance. Steadfastly pushes self and others for results; works with passion and a sense of urgency; seeks opportunities to improve results and processes in a proactive manner; contributes to the goals and profitability of the company
  • Broad Perspective – Ability to think broadly and act as an owner when making day-to-day decisions, to understand how decisions and actions within own area impact other areas, to

understand linkages and interdependencies among processes and takes actions accordingly, and to reach decisions and solutions based on the best interests of the company.

  • Impact and Influence – This job involves coordination with key personnel from Manufacturing, Procurement, HR, Process Control, and hence ability to persuade or convince others for their support is very essential. To demonstrate ability to motivate people toward common goals and objectives, look for new opportunities and innovations, ability to make the distinction between personal, employee and company interests.
  • Valuing Diversity – Capability to understand the diversities of peoples and groups; to effectively foster positive working relationships with all people of diverse cultures, to promote a culture of inclusion through taking actions.
  • People Development – A people builder; ability to actively coach, mentor, teach, and foster the learning and development of people, ability to explore new ideas that can enhance performance and remove barriers to learning.
  • Communication Skills – Ability to interact effectively with the broad spectrum between senior management up to staff technicians involved in specific working areas; to communicate messages in a clear way that does not leave room for ambiguous interpretation.
  • Basic IT Capabilities, Customer Focus, Innovation, Ability to manage uncertainty are other key competencies expected

Interested candidates must contact S Krishnan at 0091-8309618146

Email: krishnan@cucumberconsultants.com

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