Job Description -

Educating patients, families, and caregivers about their disease and treatment plan

Overseeing the dialysis treatment from start to finish including priming the dialyzer and bloodlines

Recording patients medical information and vital signs

Managing multiple dialysis patients throughout treatment

Identifying irregular dialysis reactions and notifying appropriate medical team members

Providing pre- and post-procedure care to patients within the Hemodialysis Unit

Preparing and updating nursing care plans

Helping patients follow-up with their transplant centers

Developing a training plan for each patient

Evaluating the patients ability to perform their dialysis treatment

Letting the medical team know about any changes to the patients conditions

Collecting bloodwork and other laboratory tests as ordered

Following up with patients after dialysis

Scheduling dialysis treatments

Working with the Dialysis Technicians to ensure that dialysis machines and equipment are set up correctly

Evaluating patients reaction to dialysis treatment and medications

Administering medications during treatment

3+ years experience

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