Position: Primary Head Teacher

Report to: Board of Directors

Line Management: Teachers, Administration and Support Staff

The Headteacher will be responsible for working with and supporting the Board of Directors in the following key school leadership and management areas. This will involve accepting delegated
responsibility for aspects of these key areas.

1. Strategic Direction and Development of the School

• Be a strong advocate of the vision for the school and championing school developments consistent with the philosophy and aims of the school.
• Work with the Board of Directors to contribute to a strategic view for the school and analysing and planning for its future needs and further development within the local and international context.
• Acting as a sounding board and critical friend to the Board, always demonstrating high standards of personal integrity, loyalty, discretion, and professionalism and publicly supporting all decisions of the Board of Directors.
• Be a visible personality amongst the target demographic of Dar es Salaam.

2. Learning, Teaching and Assessment

• Provide an example of excellence as the leading classroom practitioner. Through classroom
interactions with teachers, model achieving high standards of pupil attainment and progress,
behaviour, and motivation through effective teaching, thereby inspiring and motivating staff.
• Ensure that the school focuses appropriately on academic, personal, social, emotional, physical andmastery learning.
• Work to secure and sustain high expectations and excellent practice in teaching and learning
throughout the school.
• Ensure there is regular mentoring and supervision of staff performance (through book looks, mark books, weekly planning, performance evaluations, etc) and professional development.
• Ensure that all stakeholders across the school community regularly discuss evidence about learning and how to improve it at an individual, class, and whole school level.
• Ensure that the curriculum is learner-focused, well-articulated and explicit to pupils, parents, and Primary Headteacher teachers.
• Ensure that existing practices are as demonstrably up to date as possible and are based on proven research and consistent with current good practice.
• Provide knowledgeable practical advice on improving formative assessment across all classes.
• Ensure all summative assessment is reflective of the expected progress for each year group and is appropriate and varied.
• Ensure that the schools definition of learning and the language associated with it is known to and understood by all stakeholders of the school.
• Ensure that evidence of successful learning and progress in learning is a focal point of all school communications including marketing and admissions.
• Ensure that the school sets challenging, but achievable learning targets, for individual pupils, and year groups so that it is always seeking value-added for its pupils rather than relying on their innate performance levels.
• Keep under review the recording and reporting of pupil attainment and achievement to ensure that communications with parents are accurate and with a level of precision that provides insight and opportunities for future progress.

3. Leading and Managing Staff

• Lead, motivate, support, challenge and develop all staff to secure continual improvement including your own continuing professional development.
• Undertake an annual process of School-Self-Evaluations for which quantitative as well as qualitative data is produced.
• Ensure that all colleagues have the opportunity to learn and improve.
• Contribute to developing ideas, discussing different approaches, and support best practice.
• Prepare a School Improvement Plan in consultation with the Board of Directors and the staff,
• Run the school in an organized and efficient way.
• Monitor expenditure including staffing costs on a monthly basis and alert the Business Director of any variance not in line with budgeted expenditure.
• Ensure all records and necessary returns are completed including invoices for fees and alert the
Business Director where fees have not been by the given date.
• Ensure that information about all systems and processes related to teaching and learning,
particularly assessment and to administration, particularly admissions and budgets, are appropriately recorded and kept up-to-date and available for review.
• Ensure that the admissions and recruitment processes are conducted in a way to make them as
smooth as possible.
• Be responsible for the recruitment of staff (teaching and admin) where there are vacancies as per the policies of the school
• Conduct transparent interviews and maintain a written record of candidates interviewed.
• Recommend candidates for open vacancies based on their merits and budget.
• Orient staff at the beginning of the year or whenever new staff are recruited.
• Take the initiative to develop and implement an annual, costed marketing plan focused on
increasing pupil enrolment.
• Develop agreed targets for school growth that are challenging and ambitious.
• Lead the administrative staff in maintaining a pipeline of interested prospective parents that will
likely generate the agreed number of new enrolments.
• Monitor and control the system for petty cash expenditure and accounting.
• Prepare timely budget plans that are developmental and in line with the actual budgetary position.
• Submit in the agreed format and by deadlines resources orders in line with budget levels.
• Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all resources and equipment.
• Take appropriate actions when school timings with respect to staff, as well as pupils, are not
precisely adhered to. This includes late arrivals, early departures, and late pick up of children after
• Make strategic evaluations of personnel issues to assist in ensuring a strong and effective staff.

4. Grounds and Premises

The postholder is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the grounds and buildings and the area
immediately outside the premises to a high standard of cleanliness and appearance.
• Develop a culture in the school among pupils and staff for respect for property and the environment.
• Plan, recommend and execute major maintenance and up-grading of the grounds and premises, in line with the budget on an annual basis.
• Establish a routine supervision process for high standards of cleaning and grounds and building
maintenance, and ensure these standards and processes are communicated and fully understood by the respective staff.
• Proactively follow up all repair and maintenance requirements with the Business Director.
• Effectively implement the schools Health and Safety Policy including biannual fire drills.
5. Communication and Collaboration
• Build sound relationships with staff, parents and prospective parents through regular and
consultative interactions.
• Communicate with teaching and non-teaching staff routinely and regularly so that they are all aware
of their responsibilities as well as the tasks they have to perform. Encourage good working practices
and mutual support.
• Plan, organise and chair middle management and staff meetings as required.
• Provide staff development training via, inter alia, school PD sessions, coaching, and peer support.
• Uphold school policies and practices, including the schools behaviour code and uniform regulations.
• Encourage amongst pupils the moral, spiritual, and social principals underpinning the school motto, In our time, let us do good.
• Support the establishment of priorities for expenditure across the whole phase.
• Work with the Board of Directors to overtly promote the values and achievements of the school to the community.
• Promote and secure a range of high-quality Extension and Enrichment activities within the school in line with established practice in the school.

6. Information Technology

• Ensure that the staff and pupils are conversant and competent in online teaching and learning
methodologies as part of their normal routine including Seesaw for schools, GSuite for Education
and other learning platforms.
• Use the full range of ITC tools to accomplish tasks necessary in carrying out the duties and
responsibilities of the post. These include, inter alia, using design templates to produce newsletters and PR materials for parents and school events, collaborating in producing documents using editing tools, producing spreadsheets, confidently communicating within GSuite for Education and Dropbox, and be able to develop fluency with new IT packages if required.

7. Additional Duties

• Carry out any other duties as assigned by the Board of Director from time to time.


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