PRAJ was established in 1984 with the objective of providing cutting edge solutions to the DISTILLERY INDUSTRY.
The Beginning
India was the starting point. Sugar industry in India is the backbone of the rural economy. And, the future of this industry lay in value addition by way of co-products like Alcohol. Quality of Alcohol was the keyword. Praj focused on quality of spirit with the introduction of fermentation technologies.
Simultaneously, Praj applied classical mass and heat transfer theory for more efficient separation of impurities during distillation with the introduction of Bubble cap trays and Hyper stat Grid Trays.
In 1991, Praj established an R & D Center. Many new systems have been developed in this R & D Center, with the result, Praj has seven patents to its credit.
Praj's expertise in fermentation and distillation was complemented by its expertise in wastewater treatment solutions. In 1992 Praj's Sprannihilator System was given an award by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers.
The Present
Today, Praj offers many more solutions for distillery and brewery wastewater treatment and utilization. PRAJ has also spread it's reach beyond India to over 30 countries ... across 5 continents... with over 300 references. Praj is perhaps the world's single largest supplier of molasses based distillery technology, plant and equipment.
Praj has also diversified its range of solutions. Fermentation systems include technology packages for multiple feedstock including canemolasses, cane juice and filtrate, starch based raw material like corn, sorghum , wheat, tapioca, tropical sugarbeet and many more.
Highlights of Praj Technologies :-
Lower cost of production
Better quality of end-product
Application Engineering
Today, Praj's operations cover three continents including Asia, Africa and South America through its own offices and to other alcohol/beer producing countries through its international operations out of India.
Manufacturing Facility
Praj's manufacturing facility is accredited with ISO 9001-2000 and ASME 'U' & 'H' stamp for pressure vessels and heating boilers.
Facility for metalworking in Stainless Steel, Copper, Hastelloy and higher alloys to international standards including TEMA, DIN, Ad Merk Blatter, BS and IS.
The Quality Assurance cell pursues stringent testing at various stages of procurement and production. For every job, a Quality Assurance Plan is drawn up and all inspection is carried out in accordance with this plan.
Approved by most leading Engineering Consultancies, the manufacturing facility is well connected by 'all-weather' roads and is located 180 kms from the Port of Mumbai.
Matrix - the innovation center
The Technology Development activity in an organization is a reflection of the Company's commitment to the industry it is serving. At PRAJ, Matrix - the innovation center is testimony to its commitment distillery/brewery industry.
Matrix consists of:
Analytical and Instrumentation laboratory.
Automated bio reactor.
Gas Chromatograph.
High Performance Liquid Chromatograph.
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer etc.
Pilot facilities like :-
- Fermentation pilot plant for molasses and starch based raw materials
- Flubex pilot plant.
Engineering & Project Management Services
PRAJ's engineering services are classified as Detailed Engineering, Procurement Assistance and Project Management.
Experienced team of engineering professionals from Chemical, Mechanical, Piping, Civil & Structural, Electrical and Instrumentation are well supported by designing and simulation software like CHEMCad, AutoCAD 2000 and many other customized software to build quality into every aspect of service.

Praj works with an option of 2-D & 3-D modeling platforms

Construction Engineer

Job Purpose- To work at International site as construction engineer where Installation of Project is in process.

Education- BE / Diploma Mechanical

Key Job Success factors (Key Responsibilities)

1. Plan the installation activities on monthly & weekly, Daily basis depending upon material flow to suit the project schedule

2. Prepare work planning in consultation H.O and accordingly plan necessary manpower, tools & tackles and consumables.

3. Interaction & coordination with Client and HO. Shall attend regular site meetings with client

4. Maintain delay records and timely communication with client and HO

5. Willing to travel international sites

6. Overall site Management. Monitoring & controlling of site work progress

7. Ensure total compliance w.r.t statutory, legal, HSE requirements of client, covid protocols.

Other Responsibilities

1. Arrange for welder qualification as per the requirement and inspection of quality of work

2. Customer /Contractor Bills certification and timely submission of bills to HO

3. Capable to calculate manpower, tools and machinery required to complete the site work

Technical Competencies

1. Fully aware of the welding processes, installation methodologies tank, structure, equipment installations, piping and insulation etc

2. To be able to read & understand drawings and accordingly guide the contractor at the time of installations.

3. Able to prepare project schedule and monitor the progress. Also should lead site team and expidite for the completion of the site activities as per the schedule

4. Knowledge of Safety Compliances and various statutory compliances.

5. Standard code knowledge and technical expertise must for this position

Knowledge and Skills

1. Ensuring customer relation & vendor management

2. Should have knowledge of Installation of Equipments, fabrication of piping, structural and tankages

3. Contractor Handling and ability to resolve any dispute at site

4. Ability to maintain the good relation with Client and contractors which will help in smooth completion of site 5. Must have command on language, communication skills and leadership quality

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