Company Name : BHM TRADERS

Company Location : Male, Maldives

Duties / Responsibilities

1. Oversees employee disciplinary meetings, terminations, and investigations and resolving conflicts through positive and professional mediation.

2. Maintaining and reporting on workplace health and safety compliance.

3. Developing clear policies and ensuring policy awareness.

4. Maintains knowledge of trends, best practices, regulatory changes, and new technologies in human resources, talent management, and employment law.

5. Maintains compliance with local employment laws and regulations and recommended best practices; reviews policies and practices to maintain compliance.

6. Manages the talent acquisition process, which may include recruitment, interviewing, and hiring of qualified job applicants, particularly for managerial, labors, and professional roles; collaborates with departmental managers to understand skills and competencies required for openings.

7. Analyzes trends in compensation and benefits; researches and proposes competitive base and incentive pay programs to ensure the organization attracts and retains top talent.

8. Maintaining employee and workplace privacy.

9. Consulting with agency for the immigration and economic ministry process.

10. Documentation of employees information

11. Performs other duties as assigned.

Required Skills / Abilities

1. Bachelors degree in human resources management or equivalent

2. Experience in human resources or related field

3. Ability to build and maintain positive relationships with colleagues

4. Experience in conflict resolution, disciplinary processes, and workplace investigations.

5. Experience in following and maintaining workplace privacy.

6. Ability to give presentations.

7. Knowledge of relevant health and safety laws.

8. Knowledge of relevant Labor laws and income tax regarding remuneration.

9. Experience using computers for a variety of tasks.

10. Experience using HR Software.

11. Competency in Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, and Outlook

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