Roles and Responsibilities

  • Organize/manage the Quality function within a given entity (includes quality planning, allocation of resources, and quality measurements).
  • Establish acceptable standards with defined limits of variation in the quality of the material, size, weight, finish or other characteristics for goods or services, and maintain these standards.
  • Implement operational techniques and perform activities aimed both at monitoring a process and at eliminating causes of unsatisfactory performance at relevant stages of the quality loop (quality spiral) in order to result in economic effectiveness.
  • Responsible for maintaining the QMS throughout the entire process
  • Responsible for ensuring the Incoming material quality as per QA standard.
  • QMS Knowledge and Compliances.
  • Provide Techno-Commercial Leadership and guidance in the development of Lead-acid battery
  • Work with cross-functional R&D organization and externals to identify the appropriate chemistry, test, assemble, design, and industrialize Help shape the technology direction of Energy
  • Mentor team members and drive innovations

Desired Candidate Profile

  • Strong technical knowledge of lead-acid battery Manufacturing process and Electrochemistry
  • Expertise in Performance and Life Cycle Testing procedures of design and assembly, industrialization, and quality control 6+ years overall experience in design, packaging/assembly, and manufacturing of batteries; with 3+ years in Lead-acid battery
  • Familiar with latest technologies in SOC/Health monitoring of Lead-acid battery Broad knowledge of industry landscape, economic value proposition, global footprint, and future technology outlook in Energy


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