Job Purpose

EHSS & Corporate Governance Manager is responsible for the building, implementing, observance and protection of Occupational Health and Training, Safety Regulations and Training, Environmental Protection and Compliance, Social, and Community Engagement, Grievance Redressal, managing Community Asset Program (CAP), to uphold the Organisation`s Corporate Governance Standards, and its compliance with the State laws and requirements of Lenders' and other external stakeholders. In addition, the role requires reporting, monitoring, and third-party audit coordination of International Financial Institutions (like IFC/EBRD), International Performance Standards (PS), Environmental & Social Action Plan (ESAP), and Environment & Social Management Systems (ESMS), Livelihood Restoration Plan (LRP) and Water Stewardship. He / She needs to establish a safe workplace per the legal framework and foster a culture of attention to health, occupational safety, social, and environmental management at all work sites throughout the project cycle.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Prepare, update and review the health, safety, social, and environmental management plans per the International Performance Standards and ESAP & ESMS frameworks.
  • Applying knowledge and skills to create and promote a positive health and safety culture.
  • Play a key role in identifying, mitigating, and monitoring occupational health & safety hazards through a variety of EHS techniques.
  • Collaborate with the State environmental protection agencies.
  • Design a robust environmental protection action plan to increase green operations and reduce carbon footprints.
  • Assess the potential community health and safety risks and develop a community health and safety management plan. It should include an income generation program implementation plan as well as a monitoring plan to assess impacts.
  • Regular communication with the communities for obtaining feedback on environmental, social & other grievances of concern to the communities. Undertake measures to respond.
  • Develop documents to meet International standards. Review the documents, share progress reports with the Management.
  • Act as a Single point of Contact (SPOC) for recording, reporting, and updating data for Company`s ESG initiatives to the higher management and Lenders and other external stakeholders.

Key Interactions

  • COO
  • District Production Manager & HODs
  • Government Relations, PR & CSR
  • External Govt. Bodies
  • Lenders e.g. International Financial Institutions

Skills / Knowledge / Competencies

  • Knowledge of ESAP & ESMS framework
  • Knowledge of GRI Framework
  • International Performance Standards

Job Location : Qarshi / Guliston Uzbekistan

Reporting to : COO

Desired Candidate Profile

10 to 15 years of experience with any Engineering / science background

Perks and Benefits

Tax Free Salary in USD per month +Accommodation+ Conveyance & other benefits

Interested candidates can share resumes on along with below information.

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