The Mechanobiology Institute is a leading multidisciplinary institute devoted to developing new paradigms for understanding biological functions in health and diseases from the perspective of cell, tissue and organ mechanics/dynamics, and mechano-signal transduction.

Hosted at the National University of Singapore, MBI operates on a fully integrated open-lab philosophy, with extensive infrastructure support by core facilities dedicated to technologies such as state-of-the-art light microscopy, nano- and micro-fabrication, molecular genomics, and high-performance computing

The Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore is seeking a Software Engineer. This position will participate the support and development of the high-performance computing, storage, and networking environment at MBI. Successful candidates will join the MBI IT team and work with MBI researchers and administration staff. Good customer service skills, along with written and oral communication skills are required.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Administration and operation of several HPC Linux clusters, storage, networking and associated system and application software
  • Assist in API integration for use on MBI computing infrastructure
  • Understand and work with parallel file systems, HPC cluster management software, and HPC job scheduler software
  • Help users to utilize MBI HPC facilities effectively and efficiently via relationship building and training
  • Maintain and develop new features for internal web applications

Job requirements

  • A Masters degree or above in a Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Computational Biology, or another related field
  • Extensive knowledge of, and experience with Linux and/or Unix operating systems.
  • Knowledge of Python
  • Knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes technologies
  • Familiarity with different parallel program models, such as CUDA or OpenACC
  • Experience with JuptyerHub would be advantageous
  • Experience working at the interface between biology and computation, or knowledge of AI or deep-learning technologies for scientific research
  • Experience working individually and in a team environment to manage projects/services
  • Knowledge of diagnosing and troubleshooting hardware and software failures and ability to remedy them directly or seek appropriate help
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, and fluency in English


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