Job description:

  • Follow the instructions and safety rules at work.
  • Making local purchase order (LPO).
  • Receive incoming goods under identification regarding material specification/ Part no. /inspection status etc.
  • Issue of materials to related department.
  • Maintenance of stock records, stores accounting etc.
  • After acceptance of material issuing goods receipt notes (GRN).
  • Should posses knowledge in material management control system FIFO/FEFO inventory procedures.
  • Co-ordinate activities related quality system.
  • Warehouse auditing establishment of record, min& max stock, critical limit.
  • Filling of Material Requisition Slip with cost.
  • To issue the materials on authorized requisitions and ensure that the issue takes place promptly without undue delays.
  • Keeping adequate stock balance.
  • Maintaining physical and computer inventory weekly and monthly.
  • Maintaining all relevant files of store according to standard filing system.
  • Monitoring all vehicles activities, fuel issued & making journey plan as required.

Note: Candidate should have experience in stores in heavy industry.

4+ years experience

    Interested candidates can mail their resumes on

    Recruiter :Nazia khan

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