I. Build TIG/icinga dashboards and monitors for the network devices monitoring and reporting.

  • Build monitoring and reporting dashboards for different network devices that will display relevant information by ingesting SNMP traps and performing SNMP, SSH, HTTP, RPC or other type of polls.

II. Build ELK logic for ingestion of log and flow data from the network devices. Extraction and visualization of the insights relevant to the network performance produced by this data

  • Capture raw log and flow data from the network device and create parsing rules in ELK for its indexing.
  • Visualization of the insights of parsed and indexed data on Kibana

III. Overall design of NMS

  • Analyze the current network design to understand the relevant metrics to capture.

Segregate the metrics (alert/ticket/log) to achieve optimal signal/noise ration on alert dashboards and tickets.

Roles and Responsibilities

Desired Candidate Profile

  • Hands on experience with ELK (log consuming, structuring, parsing, indexing, analyzing, visualizing the insights, same for S-flow/Netflow.
  • Excellent on python, and other scripting language skills is mandatory
  • Experience on Linux platform a must
  • Hands on experience with one or more of the following monitoring platforms: TIG stack, icinga, Nagios in relation to configuring ,scripting and monitoring .
  • Ability to read and understand network topologies figuring out bottlenecks and choke points for the protocols operating on L1 through L3 of OSI model.
  • Experience delivering within Agile framework.
  • Need to closely work with the Network Migration Team
  • Ability to orient oneself and conduct changes in a heavily regulated environment, good understanding of tight change management practices.

5+ years experience

Email: rizwan.khan14@outlook.com

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