Electro Hydraulic System Integration Test Engineers

We are hiring immediately for Electro Hydraulic System Integration Test Engineer !!

Location: Basildon, Essex

• Support the development of design validation plans (DVP) for a software related content.
• Develop the detailed subsystem test specifications for functional, performance, interlock and diagnostic features of the software.
• Conduct the tests on vehicles, or in some cases, on bench/simulators collecting data as needed.
• Document the results of the test, including issue-reporting into Client's tracking tools. Maintain and update issues as they are resolved.
• Follow issues to resolution and validation of resolution, providing additional information and data as required to the design teams.
• Maintain and communicate current issue status on a particular project, alert management to significant issues or roadblocks.
• Proactive support for quality and reliability investigations into current product issues to identify failure modes, root cause analysis, suggested fixes.
• Characterize electro-hydraulic subsystem behaviour through system testing and perform SW control logic tuning in order to maximize system performance.

Required qualifications:
• The candidate would ideally have Vehicle test, vehicle performance, software tuning/calibration experience
• Electrical/electronic experience, but also with some mechatronic understanding and experience of integrating control systems to achieve a target performance through adjustment of parameters in the code.
• Knowledge of CAN communications
• Vector CANalyzer, MatLab, Simulink, LabVIEW, and INCA
• “Vehicle System integration" experience

Preferred qualifications:
• Working knowledge of mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems.
• Experience with test lab data acquisition systems and test instrumentation preferred.
• Experience in Post-processing the Test Data using the standard tool.

Please go through the JD and apply by filling the below form if interested.


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