Computer repair technicians perform various functions in ensuring that computer equipment works optimally. Our company is searching for experienced candidates for the position of computer repair technician. To join our team, please review the list of responsibilities and qualifications.

Job brief:

We are looking for a qualified Computer Repair to install, maintain and repair computers (Pc, laptop). As a computer repair, you must be well-versed in computer systems and network functions. The ideal candidate will be able to work diligently and accurately and will possess great problem-solving ability in order to fix issues and ensure functionality.

The goal is to install and maintain high-quality operating systems and computer hardware.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Set up hardware and install and configure software and drivers for computers and laptops.
  • Perform tasks such as installation, diagnosis, repair, and maintenance of computers.
  • Repair the hardware components of the laptop and replace the defective parts.
  • Replace broken screens.
  • Analyzed and performed troubleshooting to the component, circuit, or system board level.
  • Chip level Fault finds and troubleshoots of logic board of laptop and desktop computers.
  • Verify the systems setting in BIOS, and run hard drive, memory, or stress test if needed.
  • Complete cosmetic repair of Base covers, LCD covers, bezels, palm rests, keyboard bezels, and cables.

Desired Candidate Profile


The employee should be able to read and comply with safety requirements, technical instructions, and schematics.

  • One (1) year of experience in computer installation is required.
  • One (1) year of experience in troubleshooting computer hardware and software is required.
  • 1-2 years as a computer technician or equivalent is preferred.
  • Must be experienced in computer repair primarily on Intel iMac, Mac Books, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, and PC Laptop and Desktop.
  • Good in English Read, Write and Speak.

Work Location - Middle East, Irbid-Jordan.

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