CDP Demi Chef

Main role is to perform basic cooking functions within all galleys. Ensuring that he/she including the assigned Commis understand the menu content, includes recipes, food presentation maintain the line’s high standard.

Maintaining timely preparation, food finishing, garnishing of menu items, including buffet preparation. Participating on food preparation presentation during meal hours

4+ years experience

Sous Chef

Responsible for planning, managing food preparation in restaurant. as the assistant to the head chef or the head chef’s second in command, perform a range of duties including planning menus, training new staff, recording inventory.

Manage the kitchen team in the executive chef's absence. Assist with the preparation planning of meal designs. Ensure that kitchen activities operate in a timely manner. Recruit & train

7+ years experience

Head Waiter

Senior members of the food service team & are responsible for training junior staff,.

Evaluating customer satisfaction, promoting special menu items, monitoring waiters, assigning tasks, and solving customer complaints

5+ years experience


Serve customers in restaurants by placing their food orders and bringing the prepared food to their table. Prepare the bill for tables when requested.

Greet customers & hand out menus. Ability to remain calm, professional with difficult customers. Excellent interpersonal skills. Flexible work hours

Phone: 9986409509


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