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We are looking for candidates who can work on 2 or more database platforms.

Experience ( 4+ years)
  1. MySQL
  2. PostgreSQL
  3. MongoDB
  4. DB2
  5. ElasticSearch
  • Capacity planning for any kinds on Database infra (for DB, OS and network).
  • Strong knowledge in configure the database software as per the best practice.
  • Proactively monitor the database infra and ensure the SLA.
  • Resolve technical issues related to any database, OS and networking.
  • Establish the database design in best practice.
  • Use source control for the database system.
  • Tune the database server and do optimization on Query tuning and index tuning.
  • Setup Master-Slave replication, master-master, log shipping, Alwayson availability groups.
  • Manage the Database server logs for troubleshooting.
  • Develop and apply the policies, procedures related to Data security and integrity. Monitor and limit the database access.
  • Ensure all the database servers are managed to RPO and RTO.
  • Responsible for troubleshoot the database outages and provide the RCA.
  • Strong knowledge in Database recovery and Failover process.
  • Support database change management and deployments without downtime.
  • SQL Server DBAs should have better knowledge in Microsoft Active Directory and Windows Cluster management.
  • Setup High availability tools (MHA, Orchestrator, Patorni, InnoDB Cluster, Group replication, repmgr, BDR, Bucardo and etc).
  • Strong knowledge in writing SQL queries.
  • Database migrations - One platform to another (MSSQL to MySQL, Oracle to PostgreSQL and etc).
  • Migrate databases from On-Prem to Cloud.
  • Setup DR infra in different premises or Cloud as per the RTO/RPO.
  • Perform ETL process to move the data from transaction databases to Data warehouse (custom scripts or third party ETL tool).
  • Perform database maintenance and upgrades without downtime.
  • Setting up goldenGate.
  • Setting up RAC clusters.

  • Setup and tune MongoDB Replica set and Sharding

Abhishek Jhagarawat

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