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Looking for a Pharmacy Store Manager for Tanzania Location

Experience: 8 - 10 yrs

CTC: Depends on the current CTC

Manage Pharmacy Staff - Pharmacy managers lead staff members in the pharmacy by assigning work tasks, supervising, evaluating, hiring, firing, training, and scheduling work shifts for all employees.

Oversee Prescriptions - Pharmacy managers fill prescriptions and check prescriptions filled by pharmacy techs to ensure proper procedures have been followed.

Consult with Patient - Pharmacy managers advise patients and give them proper directions for taking prescription drugs, supplements, and over-the-counter medications. Pharmacy managers also address customer problems and complaints.

Maintain Protocols - Pharmacy managers ensure that all employees, including themselves, maintain all pharmacy and store protocols and procedures.

Manage Inventory - Pharmacy managers maintain and manage inventory, ordering new supplies when necessary and keeping inventory areas organized.

Collect Payments - Pharmacy managers collect money, balance registers, and check daily receipts to maintain the pharmacy budget.

Pharmacy Manager Skills and Qualifications
  • Leadership skills - pharmacy managers are supervisors who lead by example, supervising staff and overseeing all daily operations to keep the pharmacy running efficiently and legally
  • Customer service - because pharmacy managers address customer complaints and dispense advice to customers, these professionals have strong customer service skills
  • Communication - pharmacy managers use good verbal communication skills to explain medications and dosages to patients and direct staff effectively
  • Computer skills - pharmacy managers use computer skills to verify prescriptions in the system, enter information into digital customer files, and check inventory records
  • Math skills - as pharmacy managers collect payments and balance registers, these professionals have at least basic math skills
If Interested call me at 8082154433

Danish Mullaji

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