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Job Description 

He is accountable for the planning of the maintenance activities within the PPG/HVPT plant and the Data Entry in the CMMS.

Duties Gather information and feedback from various Maintenance discipline
(Electrical, Mechanical, Instrument, Inspection), Original Equipment
Manufacturer and other Section/Department concerning the service
condition and plant history, equipment, experience of the operative units
and all other related resources that could be utilized for maintenance
Analyze, conclude and prepare the gathered information, according to
General Maintenance Program, into detailed maintenance activities, with
most possible economical cost, for Mechanical, Electrical, Instrument and
Inspection (QA/QC) in order to promote/maintain reliability and
efficiency of the Field's plants and in compliance with the certification
authority prescription.
Responsible in financial trade of the Field, e.g. budget preparation, round
the year follow-up and monitoring of budget disposal and cost
effectiveness on expenditures and savings.

Responsible on various aspect of Material research, documentation,
requisition, etc. whether as spare, replacement, consumable etc., in
cooperation of Maintenance units and specialized staff and approval of the
Ensures that all records of maintenance and PPM (Planned Preventive
Maintenance) are updated and maintained. Provides equipment capability,
reliability and availability to maintenance staff and ensures that all
equipment is kept in the condition required to deliver its full design duty.
Ensures that the CMMS system is available when it is required for
operational purposes.
Maintains accuracy and validity of the data entered into the CMMS

Experiences / Skills Bachelor in industrial engineering (Mechanical, Electrical or equivalent).

Fluent English language.
At least with 10 years' experience in his line of profession and actual
experience in oil & gas industry.
Proficient in Computerized Maintenance Management System

Anuradha Jadhav

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