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Job Description
He is responsible for Process and Utilities units and their uses.

Ensure the smooth running of the units.
Ensure the follow-up during all works inside the plant facilities
Ensure regular functioning parameters analysis
Ensure the stops and starts of the equipment of the units in accordance with the procedures
Ensure the management personnel o under his responsibility. Supervise all work at the level of the plant
Ensure the implementation of all safety and operation instructions. Respect of the procedure of waste management.
Ensure the rational use of the means at its disposal

Experiences / Skills
Applies and enforces the operating and safety instructions. Takes any decision to maintain the staff and facilities. Written handover to his replacement at end of shift. Control of the process and facilities
Production monitoring and products analysis. Control the storage and shipping.
Developed staff work schedules and distributions of tasks.
Sign the work permits highlighting any necessary safety precaution. Ensures the proper keeping of the operations register.
Fluent English language

4+ years experience

Jay Gediya

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