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5+ years experience
  • Purchase Manager shall be heading an independent purchase department and shall report directly to the General Manager of the hotel. Also he shall have parallel reporting to the hotel's ownership management
  • Purchase manager shall be solely responsible to ensure continuous supply of all operating items and capex items to the hotel as required by the user departments
  • Purchase manager shall be constantly monitoring the stock level of the items in the stores to ensure that there is no stock out situation of any critical item at any point of time
  • Purchase manager shall be closely coordinating with the stores manager to identify the non moving and slow moving items to ensure timely action to dispose off the perishable items before expiry dates
  • Purchase manager shall be responsible to form the purchase committee comprising of the GM, Financial controller, user department HODs and himself. The purchase department shall meet at least twice a week to clear the pending purchase requisitions of any operating and capex items as requested by the user departments. In this connection, the Purchase manager shall invite samples from the vendors( if required) and invite at least 3 competitive quotes for any purchase requisition exceeding US$ 5000/- . He shall prepare comparative statement to be placed before the purchase committee to enable it to take the final decision on the basis of which the purchase order shall be raised. He shall be responsible to prepare logic notes for any purchases made against the normal purchase policy of the hotel that shall be signed by all the members of the purchase committee.
  • Purchase manager shall be fully conversant with the local market as well as the vendors of various items in the African region.
  • Purchase manager shall be responsible to enter into yearly/ half yearly contracts for all the regular perishables and daily use dry items so that standing purchase orders are placed on the vendors to ensure smooth flow of daily items. He shall ensure that alternate vendors are available for various items to ensure that at no point of item the hotel operations get affected due to non supply of any item by the contracted vendor. He shall ensure that the clauses in the contracts with the vendors are adequately legally vetted to ensure that interests of the hotel is protected.
  • Purchase manager, in close coordination with the owning company shall ensure that maximum items with long shelf life are imported and stored to take advantage of the exemption of the import duties in TOGO. This shall enable the management to effect substantial savings in costs
  • Purchase manager shall be constantly monitoring the pending purchase orders raised on different vendors and find out the reasons for the short supplies. The old and redundant POs shall be cancelled and purged after review at the end of each month.
  • Purchase manager shall have complete knowledge of the ordering costs and lead time of various local supplies as well as imported items to enable him/her to place orders at most economic levels . Accordingly he shall place the fresh orders once the stocks reach the re-order levels.
  • Purchase manager shall visit the vendors' manufacturing facilities at regular intervals to ensure that the required hygiene standards are maintained by the vendors. Also he shall be constantly monitoring the vehicles in which the vendors bring and deliver the perishables on a daily basis to the hotels and ensure that the vehicles are in a hygienic condition and adequately refrigerated .
  • Purchase manager shall have the requisite technical knowledge of the products to enable him to hold the preliminary discussions with the vendors. Of course the final decision shall be taken after discussing with the purchase committee in the presence of the user department's HOD.
  • Purchase manager shall have the ability to think and anticipate well in advance and shall be capable to take innovative steps to bring about significant cost savings for the hotel.This would involve close interaction of the purchase manager with the user department HODs to identify cheaper brands or substitutes without compromising on the quality.
  • Purchase manager shall carry out any other function that the management may require him to carry out
Recruiter Name:Komal Srivastava

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