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a) Knowledge and experience of commercial issues relating to staff, labour, and support services, subcontract disciplines, plant stores and material control and purchasing.
b) An understanding of the financial/commercial implications of tender documentation and contract strategy e.g. conditions of contract, programme requirements etc.
c) Ability to analyse contractual financial information and to present it in a clear manner with recommendations
d) To implement the procedures for the administration of subcontracts and purchase orders for the supply of materials, equipment and services.
e) To assist in the preparation of contract strategy and tender documentation to ensure that returns can be accurately assessed financially.
f) Review pre-contract the appropriateness of contract documentation such as conditions of contract and programme, and advice of any issues requiring clarification.
g) Prepare or evaluate claims for additional time or costs and assist in negotiating these.
h) Prepare a forecast of the outturn value of the contract with the potential with potential costs and margin, and continually track and report on this, advising suitable remedial action.

i) Issue invoices and secure payments in line with the contract. Monitor changes in scope of work, contract variations, delays, contract verbal instructions to ensure that these are recorded, costed and reflected in the contract.
j) To ensure that all notices required under the terms and conditions of the contract are submitted within the contractual time limits.
k) To maintain a register of all contractual/commercial correspondence.
l) Ensure the timely payment of invoices.
m) To review all technical queries and non-conformance and advice the site manager of any effect on cost and programme.
n) To ensure that all subcontract operations under supervision are carried out in a safe manner free of risk to all.
o) To liaise with the Site team to gain full understanding of the scope of work, terms and conditions and commercial requirements of the subcontracts.
p) Responsibility for the co-ordination, surveillance and monitoring of subcontractors under supervision.

q) Responsible for the formal issue of all subcontractor work instructions for operations to be carried out, including any additional work not in the original work scope.

r) To ensure that all subcontract operations are carried out to the appropriate quality standards as set by the company quality systems.
s) Responsibility to establish methods and lines of communication with subcontractors.
t) Responsibility to liaise with subcontract management/supervision to ensure operations are completed to the required levels of productivity.
u) To review and verify all documents relevant to the day-to-day operation of the scaffolding, insulation, cleaning and refractory service, ensuring the best possible cost control and effective service is achieved.
v) To assist, as required, in the assessment of the Sub contractors Risk Assessment and Method Statements, and ensure that all access requirements are fully understood and implemented for the task or activity as appropriate


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