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We have a wonderful opportunity for the profile of “ Warehouse Officer “for “Nigeria“ Location

Organization – One of the Leading Organization.

Work Experience required – minimum 5 years into warehouse management

Years of Experience required - 7+ Years

Location – Nigeria

Qualification Required – Bachelors



Labour management - wh operations

Handling external agencies (govt, others)

Stoarge planning for optimum usage of space & efficient throughput

Loading & Offloading at optimum pace as per plan shared by Shipping deptt

R&M & upkeep of the wh/operational area


Report for Storage Wt loss % for shipments during the week

Tracking Interwarehouse wt loss for sending unit

WB to be updated against GRN for interwarehosue movement

Stack Cards updated including date of last Fumigation

Shipments on FIFO basis as far as possible-format to track the same.

All Ledgers Updated (Stock recon ledger)

Physicals Docs prepared up to date

Drying Register and Fuel Consumption register Up to date

Labor Payment register and report of comparison with budgets

Statutory Documentation to be kept up to date (wh registration, Fumigation, Calibration etc)

Cleaning/Drying machine ledger to be maintained - tracking Ton/hr cleaning

Stock register for consumabbles like Dry bag, Kraft paper, Chemiacl , Jute etc


Daily Arrival/Drying/Cleaning/shipment report by mail

Daily stock recon

Summary report for shipment (end of shipment)

Containers dispatch, Loaded agentwise/shipment report daily basis on watsapp


Container tracking to port via agent via port staff & highlight for unsual delay to L+1

Pix of each lorry loaded along Driver & Container seal

Coordinating with escorts & port staff for any container breakdown on way.

Jute Bags/PP bags/Consumables

Weekly Reconciliation to be done

To be separated in to good /bad category

recycling of torn bags


Warehouses to be completely free of spillage

WH completely clean from inside as well as outside

Testing area to clean and well lit. Furniture in good condition.

No unwanted vegetation that may pose fire hazard

Wh Compound to be clean & free of unwanted items

Repair/Disposal of broken damaged pallets.

Repair and Maintenance All Machinery

Weighbridge Maintenance/servicing

Calibrated as per schedule (paltform 4 months & 6 months for WB)

Weighbridge reading to be compared with electronic scale

Electronic Scales To calibrated with dead wts daily

Platform Scales to be calibrated with dead wts daily

Generator/Cleaning Mc Maintenance

Regular servicing schedule followed

Fuel consumption tracking

Miscellaneous equipment in working condition

Cost Cutting Initiatives

Daily checking of labour expenses.

Undertake Stiching of torn jute bags for reuse rather then sell off at discount.

Streamlining security personnel

Emphasis on sundrying

Separation of wet and dry bags to be done - Cocoa Cashew (at ofloading)

Fire Fighting Readiness

Periodic servicing of Fire extinguishers

Fire drill to be conducted


Best practices in warehousing

If interested please share your Updated Resume (CV.)

Mail id -

Contact Number - 9167090071

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