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We are having an excellent opportunity for Procurement for  a PlASTIC SPARE PARTS Manufacturing Company In Ghana, Africa, If you are looking for a job opportunity abroad, then this is great opportunity.

Below are the Requirements:

Required Skills: 

  • Ability to establish and maintain good relationships with suppliers
  • Ability to generate & maintain proper records of PURCHASE ORDER & PROFORMA INVOICE
  • Precaution measures & proper approval needs to be taken before placing the order.
  • Good pricing negotiation skills
  • Ability to maintain proper parts inventory levels, to do proper posting, and to measure true turns
  • Ability to utilize ERP System and computer capabilities for inventory, recordkeeping, parts information, etc.
  • Able to report monthly/quarterly/yearly utilization of spare parts & cost department/Machine wise.
  • Ability to lead and train team members in parts Department operations
  • Ability to establish and control inventory system as per FIFO method
  • Knowledge of and ability to interpret inventory reports
  • Knowledge of parts pricing procedures & able to do the negotiation with foreign as well as local supplier
  • Is responsible for the security of inventory and for analyzing the quality of parts
  • Involves analyzing current inventory, spot-checking to ensure that actual inventory coincides with computerized inventory, checking on back orders, etc.
  • Leadership skills, including empowerment, coaching, organizing and planning, and interpersonal sensitivity
  • Must be capable of working independently, effectively managing his or her time and work flow.
  • Will do Global Procurement.
  • Ability to develop and follow action plans as per the management requirement
  • Sal – Around 2000 USD after tax deduction (100 % part for 2 yrs contract + Bachelor Single Room Accommodation + 1513 Ghana currency / month)

Qualification Requirement:

  • Education background should be Mechanical or Electrical engineering with 10 to 12 years’ experience, Preferably from Pet/Bottling/Beverage and plastic Industry
  • Also he should have excellent written communication skills in English as he could also communicate with our foreign partners in terms of negotiations, etc.
  • He should have vast experience in MS OFFICE as well & ERP SYSTEM
  • Age Limit : Aged 35 to 40 yrs

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