Navsar is a progressive business house offering a bouquet of services and solutions for the Energy & Infrastructure Industries. Since our founding, Navsar has advised, executed and managed a diverse set of conventional, non-conventional power projects. Working with professionals from top-tier EPC and Consulting firms, Navsar aims to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and value of clients' assets. We have the ability to provide our customers across the globe with comprehensive services to help achieve their energy goals and needs, with emphasis on the optimum choice of technology, efficiency, and sustainability

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support the establishment of site contract administration strategy including subcontract strategy with the PM, SIM, project manager civil and project manager M&E.
  • With the support of the PCM, lead and prepare the flow down of customer contract provisions into the Civil and M&E subcontracts.
  • Support the issuance of the request for tenders, evaluation of proposals, negotiation of terms and conditions, price, and schedule. Site subcontract Management
  • Manage and administrate site subcontracts, including Civil and M&E subcontracts to ensure that client's rights are enforced and reserved.
  • Establish and maintain event logs, and risk and claims registers, utilizing an automated system such as Unifier or PCDMS.
  • Develop and execute claims and claim mitigation strategies with the SIM, project manager civil and project manager M&E.
  • Prepare notices, claims, counterclaims and change orders in collaboration with the project team. Support the negotiation of claims and Change Orders.
  • Support NCR management and liaise with the responsible department to support recovery of all back-charges to Subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Support site purchasing activities commercially.
  • Supervise verification of payment applications and issue Payment Certificates and/or Milestone Achievement Certificates as required under the subcontracts.
  • Supports re-measurement of bill of quantities under the Civil and M&E subcontracts, particularly in the negotiation and finalizing of all final accounts with Civil and M&E subcontractors.
  • Supports SIM to ensure site history records are documented and stored for future use, including daily activity reports, subcontractors working times and all claim mitigation material.
  • Escalate to PCM all issues that may have commercial/schedule impact to the prime contract and/or the consortium agreement.
  • Provide contractual interpretation, analysis and clarifications to various disciplines at the Site during project execution and ensure all project stake holders are complying and adhering to contract requirements.
  • Track all delays, costs, damages and scope issues at Site, and communicate mitigation plans to the SIM, PM and PCM.
  • Monitor Contractual Milestones, review Project Schedule and identify variances to the SIM, PM and PCM.
  • Create and process delay and claim notifications in a timely manner.
  • Implement Field Change Order process for design modifications, repairs and replacements at Site and subsequently prepare Change Order for the Field Change Order issued to the subcontractor.
  • Maintain contract management documentation and electronic files, including contemporaneously obtaining and filing back-up documentation for delays, claims, back-charges and rejections.
  • Ensure timely submission of contractual notifications / deliverables including commissioning procedures and test completion reports.
  • •Draft and response to contractual letters and notifications for site issues.
  • Review incoming and outgoing commercial/contractual correspondence.
  • Review all NCRs & QSRs issued at Site.
  • Review Minutes of Meetings for various meetings held at Site.
  • Support PCM in the management of insurance claims for site issues, including timely notifications, preparation of required supporting documentation following damage caused during transit or project works, supporting queries from insurance adjusters and company representatives, and maintaining event logs associated with all insurance claims.
  • Create and maintain notification and contractual deliverable tracking lists, delay tracking and major milestone logs, and claims / back charge logs for vendor, partners and customers.
  • Attend daily, weekly, monthly Site Management, Commissioning and Progress review meetings to capture and identify events pertaining to delays, damages and disputed issues.
  • Provide updates and coordinate with PCM and Project Management on all delays, costs, damages and disputed issues at Site, and mitigation of these issues.
  • Coordinate with various disciplines at Site to identify potential delay and claim issues.
  • Other site duties as required by the SIM, PM or PCM.

Desired Candidate Profile

  1. Good Contract Management skill to handle over all site contract
  2. 15 – 20 years of Experience in Heavy Duty Gas / Combined Cycle Project


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