Founded in 2002, the Singapore-based Global Schools Foundation cultivates and nurtures young minds into global leaders across Southeast Asia, Middle East and India. Following high standards in governance, established academic criteria, and well-administered management processes, the Foundation has completed more than 17 exemplary years marked by international recognition for achieving excellence in school education.

Under the GSF umbrella are schools like Global Indian International School (GIIS), One World International School (OWIS) and the Global Montessori Plus (GMP). The foundation has pioneered various initiatives that impact and improve student learning like the Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values (MGCUV), Chandu Borde Global Cricket Academy (CBGCA), Global Centre for Education Excellence (GCEE) and Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GCIE). For more information please visit

Global Indian International School (GIIS) is an initiative of Global Schools Foundation (GSF), which has already acquired an unmatched reputation for establishing award-winning schools across Asia. GIIS is perhaps the only institution in the world to have won innumerable international awards for excellence in education and produced 17 worldwide toppers in IB and CBSE toppers in South East Asia and MENA

Admission / Enrollments

  • To create a strategic plan along with Sales & Marketing team to facilitate admission / enrollments in line with the school development plan
  • Providing leadership support to the Sales/ Admissions team with all possible requirements to meet the target number.
  • Active role in the P&L management.

Accounting/Procurement / Vendor Management

  • Oversee all bookkeeping functions with vendor support, including budget development and amendments, monthly financial statements and reporting and receipt of revenues
  • Create and implements policies for managing all school fees, such as student billing, inventory of paid and owed fees, petty cash.
  • Work with Principal to identify purchasing needs early to ensure timely provision of goods and services
  • Manage relationships with transportation, technology, vending machine, teacher/office supplies, students uniform and textbook vendors, among others, including overseeing and approving purchases.
  • Manage competitive bidding processes where applicable

Compliance and Reporting

  • Responsible for all compliance and reporting activities
  • Develop and manage a Master Calendar to ensure that activities are completed in a timely manner and ensures that school staff are trained appropriately to complete the activities
  • Ensure that special education compliance reporting is managed by school staff and/or vendor
  • Ensure that Board policies are implemented

Human Resources

  • Work with Principal to anticipate staffing and hiring needs and initiate strategic recruitment activities.
  • Amend and review employee contracts for customization and additional work assignments.
  • Ensure that HR files are “audit ready” and that all teachers are highly qualified
  • Provide general employment communication to staff

Facilities / Office Infrastructure

  • Maintain close relationship with building landlord and vendors to ensure that the physical facility and infrastructure supports the needs of the school program.
  • Provides feedback on facilities vendor performance
  • Oversee space planning and assignment to ensure available space for current year activities as well as the next school year
  • Ensure that the School Safety and Security Plan are implemented and that drills are conducted to ensure that all in the school are prepared for emergency situations.


  • Determine school needs and manage technology purchasing to support program.
  • Determine support needs; establish and manage contract for day-to-day technology support


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