One of Leading manufactures private label bar soaps (beauty, laundry, antibacterial, multi-purpose, etc.) which are distributed across the world in over 40 countries. We work closely with our clients in all aspects of bringing each product to fruition. From design to fragrance, we are focused not only on achieving the best quality of soap, but also on achieving the most competitive price points.

Additionally, a proud partner of Unilever. We manufacture over 70 different variants of Unilever bar soap products for provision to the Thailand and International divisions. Our partnership with Unilever has more than doubled the size of our company and our output. Finally, we are newly awarded as the first company in Jakarta, Indonesia with the SKEP certificate. This entitles us with the ability to export all types of finished products as a bonded-free entity. Our first project has been an extension of our Unilever partnership, which has allowed us to distribute all their products in the global market

Key Responsibilities:

  • Build compelling local teams who can both discover the right business model, and scale it subsequently. It is important for the leader to be able to navigate through a period of business model discovery in line with the broad principles of the Lean Startup Method before traditional execution/scale-up.
  • Build high quality supply: Understand the value proposition to brands and sellers, develop relationships with them, and allow them to valuably participate in the platform.
  • Build high quality demand, digitally: Use the platform features and local business model elements to build digital demand engines from wholesalers, retailers, and consumers.
  • Contribute to and interface with central product teams: Work with central product and engineering teams to build localization features, and as appropriate, enhance the platform itself. Comfort with product- and technology-led thinking is important to build a non-linear business model that can scale rapidly and profitably.
  • Manage P&L outcomes: Be highly focused on Cash and P&L, have commercial maturity to work with budgets,, and overall grow the business with minimal capital. Develop win-win commercial structures to drive meaningful partnerships and ecosystem deals.
  • Manage Risk: Proactively identify various kinds of risks (technology, competitive, geopolitical, internal/people) and systematically address / mitigate them.
  • Interface with key stakeholders: Work effectively with multiple stakeholders including the board, central leadership, investors, local media etc. Manage expectations and information flows using a structured approach.
  • Uphold and exemplify values: Be a torchbearer, exemplar and champion of long-term institution building using the operating values.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Highly adaptive thinker, willing to learn rapidly with experience and from data
  • Proven leadership capabilities with a track record
  • Similar experience in previous set up or start ups
  • Very Strong team builder, ability to practice "right person, right place", motivate teams to achieve extraordinary outcomes in a short period of time
  • Bias for action, ability to take decisions and move ahead in the face of uncertainty
  • Operational depth, proven experience in handling nuts and bolts execution of complex businesses
  • Strong on ethics, long term thinking, institutional values
  • Interpersonal maturity, stakeholder management skills
  • Highly Experienced and exposure to FMCG/ retail / eCommerce
  • Exposure to Asian markets, deeper familiarity with Indonesian market

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