Baidyanath Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is part of the group Company of Navodaya based in  Dubai .  The Group  Companies have been involved in Mining, Forestry and Pharmaceuticals since  last  15 years. The group  operates two mining projects of Manganese in Ivory Coast and sells its Manganese ore all over the world . Please refer to our Website : to know about our mining activities

  • Operational Knowledge Of Tally Erp
  • Preparation Of Cash Book & Bank Book.
  • Checking & Auditing Of Suppliers Bill.
  • Handling & Auditing Of Payments & Receivables.
  • Preparation Of Fund Planning of Sites & Budgeting Of The Company.
  • Preparation Of Project Costing & Labour Cost.
  • Doing Bank Reconciliation On Daily Basis.
  • Looking After International Payment.
  • Preparation Of Sites Daily Production Report.
  • Preparation Of Fuel Report Of Sites & Its Physical Verification.
  • Preparation Of Store Ledger And Its Physical Verification.
  • Checking Of Salary Sheet After Prepared By Hr Dept.
  • Checking & Auditing Of Sites Reporting.
  • Preparation Of Forex Sheet
  • Preparation Of Royalty Tax & Other Tax
  • Assisting The Local Auditors In Preparation Of Local Financial.
  • Scanning & Sending All The Supporting Of Invoices To Head Office.
  • Coordinating With Head Office During Auditing & Resolving Queries.
  • Preparation Of Attendance Of Expatriates.
  • Finally Direct Reporting To The Management On Daily Basis

3+ years experience

Ruchi Sharma,

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