Well Reputed Multinational Company that engages in Engineering, Construction, Technical Manpower Services, Maintenance & Repair in Oil Refineries, Storage Facilities and Petrochemical Plants 

Resolve the problem in the camp, related in the camp services. Must be able to read and interpret prints and plans.

  • Decision making in the camp with approval from management.
  • Assistant of Operation Manager to all function in Administrative Services.
  • In-charge to all transport / vehicles arrangements/ scheduling, filling system and report. Rig, hoist/lift & move materials.
  • In-charge to booking of Incoming and outgoing staff, visitors, client in the camp and travel by land and air.
  • Responsible for monitoring, Inspection to all subcontractors camps and client.
  • Responsible for booking of rooms, making daily report of person on site.
  • Responsible for meet and great in the airport going to the camp, job site and office.
  • Running the camp day-today matters, including housekeeping and maintenance.
  • Supervision of the Catering subcontractors.
  • Supervision of the laundry and cleaning services.
  • Ensuring smooth operation of the camp, creating and supervising the emergency crew, 24- hours on-call.
  • Supervision of vendors and subcontractors in the camp.
  • Monitoring of 10 subcontractors camps and client camp with weekly welfare inspection.
  • Responsible for monitoring food preparation, security, safety regulations, cleanliness and maintenance of camp site.
  • Responsible for all services, operations for the base camp. Oversees employment issues relating to all expatriates and local nationals assigned to the camp. Attends meetings with the Admin Manager in order to monitor all aspects of the project.
  • Manage the team of expatriates staff working at the camp and increase his motivation.
  • Supervise and take part to the training of staff, according to the rules of HSE, Food Hygiene and Safety, HACCP, etc.
  • Responsible for requests made to warehouse, stocking and stock checking in addition to cost control reporting according to the rules made by the Company, always ensuring a minimum stock quantity for each item.
  • Responsible for cold and dry stores in the location. He is the only person entitled to keep the keys and will be responsible for any eventual shortages.
  • The Camp Boss must be clean, tidy and shall follow diligently the disciplinary rules laid out in his contract.
  • Inventory and record of sales of mini-market or bonded store (in case it exists), filling the relative form.
  • Following workers timesheet for who work under company support and who works under client and he must send timesheet to operation department Daily & monthly.
  • Responsible for the effective cleaning of the kitchen and all its corresponding areas, the dining area and stores, in accordance with the food Hygiene and Safety rules.
  • Ensure that all staff, Local and Expatriates, wear PPE, clean uniforms at all times and that the food handling staff wear disposable hand gloves and hats at all times, not only during service.
  • Ensure that the housekeeping of the accommodation should be carried out in line with reviewed standards, every day and whenever required.

Desired Candidate Profile

  • 5-6 years of work experience in handling camp with oil / gas/ refinery workers and environment.
  • Good English language

Perks and Benefits


  • Flights
  • Accommodation & Food
  • Visa & documentations
  • Health Insurance

Email: hrd4@imr.in

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