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We specialize in oils and are very passionate about bringing the best oils to you. We are a notch higher than just being 100% pure & natural. We go an extra-mile to extract the best quality oils.

We use only the best quality produce from the country where the crop grows best. Our oils are extracted in 35+ countries e.g., Lemon oil from Italy, Lavender from France, Argan oil from Morocco and so on. 

We ensure there are no additives, solvents, chemicals or preservatives in any of our products. Our cold pressing’ extraction process for face & body oils ensures that delicate nutrients are not destroyed by heat or processing.

We love what we do and are dedicated to bringing this tiny bit of nature to your everyday life

As a Photographer and Graphic/Video Designer expert, your role will be to create high quality social media content (photos, videos, infographics, content) for our brand. Strong preference for Luxury Health & Wellness/ Organic & Natural brand experience.

The role will include (but not be limited to) the following responsibilities:

  • Research, create, edit and share engaging content on daily basis
  • Shoot product and lifestyle high quality photos and videos for the brands marketing
  • Create infographics, print materials, catalogues etc. for the brand
  • Help with the overall brand aesthetics, branding and user experience
  • Producing crisp and structured content for each of our products

Skills required (Candidates with portfolio showing designs/photos/videos that they have created will be preferred):

  • High aesthetic sense
  • Sincere, diligent, hard-working, Entrepreneurial, Energetic
  • Creative, Be updated on Latest Design Trends
  • Demonstrated skills in latest photo and video editing softwares
  • Planning creative ideas for engaging users with Photos/Videos:
  • Creating Photos/Videos that creates Viral reach
  • Excellent in Adobe creative suite

Experience requirement:

  • 1-4 years of professional experience in Photography, and Graphic/Video designing and editing
  • Experience in Health and beauty segment preferred, but not mandatory

Email: contact@aromatierra.com

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