We are the basic manufacturer of inorganic chemicals and processor of industrial minerals. We fully exploit two of Saudi Arabia's vast natural resources oil energy and high grade white silica sand to produce various grades of silica sand, silica flour, silicate, and aluminates. Our products are very well received by our customers on account of quality consistency, good Service, and reliability. Therefore, we have expanded our production facilities to cater to increasing demand from local market, neighboring countries and overseas. We are an ISO 9001:2000 accredited Company. Our Mission: Our mission is to utilize our State-of-the Art Technology facilities to provide our customers with premium quality products meeting to International Standards and efficient service and support

IT & Network Specialist 

Education: Bachelor of technology specialized in computer science engineering or any related field.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Maintains Office Infrastructure
Configuration, maintenance of Switches, routers & Firewalls
Analyzes and resolves network hardware and software problems in a timely manner.
Configure and maintain IP voice phone (AVAYA) and server.
Manages access to network resources including network storage, Servers, printers etc.
Administer, maintain, and manage the Data center operation of companys network.
Provide general training to End user in IT Support & Troubleshooting Services.
Resolve alerts indicating Low disk space, High memory and CPU usage, Server performance issues, file Replication etc.
Provides enterprise network security support service on site firewall in a complex inter- networking system.
Planning scheduling and Restoring of the Backup
Responsible for the administration and maintenance of the companys infrastructure
Attending Day to Day IT issues and provides all level support to users.
Maintains the CCTV camera system (Hardware & Software).

Nationality: Indian

Email Id: rec12@asmacs.net

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