QC Plumbing

  • Interprets Drawings and building specifications to layout for pipes, drainage systems, and firefighting systems.
  • Installs pipes and fixtures, such as sinks and toilets, for water supply & drainage system
  • Installs supports for pipes, equipment, and fixtures prior to installation
  • To assembles fittings and valves for installation
  • Modifies length of pipes, fixtures, and other plumbing materials as needed for a building
  • Coordinate with contractors, construction workers, electricians, installing and repairing plumbing
  • Tests plumbing systems for leaks and other problems
  • Analyses problem and identifies appropriate tools and materials for repair
  • Chooses plumbing materials based on budget, location, and intended uses of building
  • Follows health and safety standards and complies with building codes
  • Writes report documenting the problem and summary of actions taken
  • To performs & monitor the inspections of plumbing systems to identify and replace the parts
  • To prepare the schedules and planning for before start project.


  • Minimum 6 years of experience in quality
  • Aramco experience preferred


  • To install, maintain, and repair heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems
  • Ensuring that project quality plan and procedures are activated at site.
  • Performing inspections of installations when advised by construction-in-charges/ site Supervisors.
  • Monitoring the phases of quality control of work as per specification.
  • Develop and maintain inspection procedures and techniques, throughout the construction, pre-commissioning, and commissioning stages.
  • Maintain accurate and calibrated inspection tools and equipment for consistent measurements of operation of the inspection and testing system.
  • Report on daily inspection and testing activities and issuing non-conformance reports when the specification or procedural requirements are not met.
  • Maintain inspection and testing records.
  • Coordination with main contractors MEP coordinator and Consultant on all aspects of site inspections.
  • To conduct surveillance on the inspection tests required in the technical provisions of the specification.
  • To carry out the preparatory, initial and follow up inspections as per the approved ITP.
  • To perform and witness all testing required at sub-vendors premises and approved independent testing laboratory as recommended.
  • Ensuring that all concealed works are completed satisfactorily and accepted by consultant before clearing to civil and finishes team.


  • Minimum 6 years of experience in quality
  • Aramco experience preferred

QC Inspector - Mechanical

  • Executes the specific inspections on materials, equipment's and construction/installation activities on site.
  • Issues the relevant Quality Records and, when necessary, writes and sends to QC Supervisor non-conformances reports.
  • Controls equipment installation, alignment and levelling
  • Performs functional checks and mechanical completion checks (Pressure and atmospheric vessel)
  • Trays inspection (dimensional check, water tightness test).
  • Checks of levelness, position, orientation, anchor bolts, conduits, etc. of tanks foundation
  • Performs hydrostatic test of tank and measurement of pad settlement.
  • Storages tank internal inspection. 9. Performs punch-listing operations.
  • Verify special processes and the relevant workers' qualifications.
  • Witness the tests, controls and inspections, guarantee inspection status control for parts of the plant within his area of responsibility, authorizing their acceptance at quality control completion, obtain the relevant documentation and ensure the correct implementation of the approved Inspection Test Plan according to Client's requirements

QC Inspector - Piping

  • Reporting directly to the Site QAQC Discipline Supervisor and indirectly to the Quality Manager
  • Monitoring and implementation of QMS Procedures, PQP, ITP, method statements and reporting deviations from the management system and contractual requirements of the project
  • Verifying that all necessary inspections and tests, as required of the project and by statutory regulations, are carried out and appropriate records are updated and maintained
  • Coordinating quality activities with subcontractors and any other individual parties who may be working on the same site
  • Coordination with clients and third-party inspection, in accordance with approved ITP, for agreed witness inspections & tests
  • Ensuring close-out of all open issues / punch-points within the time frame agreed with the client
  • Reviewing and performing material receiving inspection as per company and client requirements
  • Performing assigned in-process and final products inspection and tests as identified in the Approved Inspection and Test Plans
  • Reviewing Sub contractor Procedures related to Piping Work Fabrication, Construction and Testing including Tie in or Hot tap as required
  • Monitoring Installation of Piping systems and pipeline for U/G, A/G Piping in either C/S, S/S, Aluminium, RTR, PVC, CPVC etc and verifying the related QC documentation
  • Preparing inspection & test reports of completed inspections & tests
  • Ensuring all equipment's, tools and materials meet with the project quality requirements and that personnel have been adequately trained to use them safely
  • Identification of non-calibrated equipment's and informing Subcontractor QC for expediting arrangements with Calibration agencies for timely calibration of the equipment's
  • Liaison with client representative concerning quality matters on site
  • To be conversant with the company QHSE procedures & policies and ensure that all the people on the site observe and implement them
  • Identifying near miss and nonconformities in materials, products, processes, procedures and reporting the near miss / nonconformities in the near miss / nonconformity report
  • Verification of implementation of corrective & preventive actions against the nonconformities and reporting results to Discipline Supervisors through QA/QC Supervisors and Quality Manager
  • Preparation and review of final quality dossiers / test packs
  • Compile and Submit weekly report and requested information / statistics to Department QC Supervisor
  • Liaison with QAQC Supervisor/ QAQC Manager for all aspects of quality

QC Inspector - Civil

  • Executes the specific inspections on materials, equipment and construction/installation activities on site.
  • Carrying out Joint inspection along with clients/consultant at project site as per ITP.
    Carrying out Incoming Material Inspection at site.
  • Issuing any Site observation report to project engineer if any quality issue at site is found.
  • Issues the relevant Quality Records and, when necessary, write and send to Quality Control Supervisor non-conformances reports.
  • Checks the preparation of foundations.
  • Checks the correct preparation of reinforcements.
  • Checks the certifications regarding element mixes. LASTM test, chemical analysis, grain size analysis.
  • Monitors atmospheric conditions during pouring operations.
  • Monitors correct curing operations.
  • Checks the sampling operations (when required).
  • Reviews the laboratory examination results.
  • Checks sub-grade dry density.
  • Checks moisture content.
  • Checks compression strength test.
  • Checks after execution of costing.
  • Checks after concrete puring.
  • Checks materials quality (wire, fitting etc.).
  • Verifies special processes and the relevant workers' qualifications.
  • Orderly collect, check and manage documents certifying tests, controls and inspections carried out witnessing the tests, controls and inspections carried out.
  • Check the conformity with the Quality Control Plan and obtain the relevant documentation.
  • Check the documents certifying the tests, controls and inspections carried out.
  • Ensure the correct implementation of the approved Inspection Test Plan according to Clients requirements

5+ years experience

ARAMCO Approved Only

Email: rahul.xavier@duruper.com, hr@duruper.com

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