QAPCO HSC training process comprises of following:

a) Safety induction for QAPCO employees and contractors to work onsite using:

1. A Multilanguage video of approx. 30 minutes duration i.e. English , Arabic, Hindi


2. A Multilanguage assessment test based on the information provided in the video.

3. Issuance of steady card to successful contractor and visitors.

(The safety induction video recording will be provided by QAPCO)

b) Maintain Records for all QAPCO employees and contractors attending the induction

Sessions in day to day basis, including the assessment test sheets.

c) Delivering HSE training for Contractor on topic such as QAPCO Golden rules at work,

H2S awareness. Nitrogen Awareness. Working at Height

a. Deliverables:

  • Enroll and conduct safety induction of employees, contractors and visitors.
  • Invigilate, assess and mark safety induction assessment test.
  • Issuing safety cards for successful contractors
  • Maintain updated safety induction records in database.
  • Control and maintain hard copies of assessment and attendance sheets.

Employees delivering the service:

  • Must hold at least a secondary school degree.

Holds a rain the trainer or instructor certificate.

Three years IjSE experience in Oil & Gas or Petrochemical environment is required.

Any formal qualification in Health & Safety is an advantage i.e. NEBOSH Certificate IN

Occupational Health & Safety etc.

Be able to read, write and speak in English and Hindi/Urdu.

Working hours: 10 hours per day.

Working Schedule: 6 days / week (Saturday to Thursday)



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