Water Treatment Engineer--- Minimum 10 years  experience is required

Water Treatment Lead Engineer--Minimum 20 years  experience is required

Main responsibilities

Following Detail design and engineering work to be covered/managed in a qualitative and timely manner:

-Evaluation of Water Treatment of F.S/Basic/FEED Design in EPC Contract (Oil &Gas Separation/Refinery/Petrochemical Sectors)

-Evaluation of EPC Bidding Document for Completive Proposal Submission As EPC Contractor

-Rendering of Design Optimization for  Process System during Project Execution

-Familiar with whole plant design philosophy and providing upstream elemental  design information and document(P&ID/MSD) to downstream multiple Discipline

-Co-ordinates the engineering activities of the team members throughout the project with a permanent concern for optimization of quality, costs and schedule criteria.

 Requirements for a candidate

Education--Chemical Engineering (Bachelors Degree) in University

Experience--Minimum 10 years  experience is required

Professional skills and knowledge

-Expertise and Knowledge of the fundamentals of chemical  engineering as a process engineer or water treatment engineer

-FEED Experience is welcome

-Experience of Oversea EPC project execution for Oil &Gas Separation/Refinery/Petrochemical Sectors); Specially for Oil & Gas/Petrochemical process (as a Lead Engineer for Detail Engineering)

-Good technical knowledge and skills for process optimization and value engineering.

-Proven skills in routine process calculations and use of process software and in-house developed spreadsheets.

-Experience of Water Treatment Process Simulation  

-Good knowledge of relevant engineering codes and standards.

-Integrate and standardize best safety practices for all chemical distribution and water treatment systems

-Experience in all Industrial Water Systems and Raw water treatment , WWT including all fundamental water treatment systems such as RO, pure water, etc.)

-Provide day to day support of operational and maintenance issues of site utility or supporting equipment

-Review/analyze data and monitor equipment to identify trends and ensure processes are running within specifications

-Monitor current system demands, identify capacity concerns, and analyze data to predict utility/chemical use

-Create and modify standard operating procedures and maintenance requirements

-Understand and apply Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) concepts and root cause failure analysis to open-ended problems

-Coordinate with Environmental team for any compliance issues improvements

-Create, manage, complete, and document projects that improve safety, improve quality, and/or reduce cost

-Increase process efficiency and safety

-Assist with system design, construction, commissioning

-Coordinate with Environmental and Design teams for treatment process changes

-Work closely with local and state authorities for regulatory compliance, new designs, etc.

Knowledge of foreign languages, degree of proficiency

Fluent in English

PC knowledge, basic program knowledge

MS word/MS Excel/MS Power Point

Email: uzma@shellaconsultants.com

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